Kerretta – His Streets of Money, Her Mouth of Gold

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Poco se acerca de Kerretta y mucho me ha dado en este corto plazo. Aunque es solo un ep de dos canciones, logran agarrar al espectador desde un principio con esa batería minimalista y rítmica, acompañados de riffs profundos, como una caída al precipicio, perdidos entre el tiempo y espacio, pero consciente de lo que esta pasando. Su musica se mueve entre post-rock, noise, electronica y es instrumental. Si hubiera ciertos gritos en los clímax, me agradarían mas.

Hay un juego importante entre sonidos electrónicos e instrumentos, no tienes que ser un melómano esquizofrénico para darte cuenta, esta allí y con un poco de atención los descubres. Esto los hace una banda experimental y les da puntos extras, a todos los nuevos escuchas los pueden enganchar si gustan del post-rock pesado, sin ser post-metal o post-whatever. No es novedad tampoco escuchar estos sonidos, pero hay quienes hacen mal uso de estos y terminas odiando mas la electrónica. Kerretta, los usa debidamente sin atiborrar su musica de electrónica, por eso, pasan a ser una propuesta interesante, de ambientes cambiantes pero con el rumbo musical bien marcado.

Kerretta esta de gira Europea en estos momentos, asi que si eres uno de los pocos lectores europeos, no deberías de perder la oportunidad de ver a esta banda. Aquí las fechas:

21.04. Besancon (F), Les Passagers Du Zinc
22.04. Brussels (B), DNA
23.04. Aarau (CH), Kiff
24.04. Chemnitz (GER), AC 17
25.04. Metz (F), Young Team Festival
26.04. Mainz (GER), Haus Mainusch

The Disgrazia Legend – Redundance

The Disgrazia Legend resides in Milano, Italy, they were formed around 1997 as Onetruth, later in 2003 is when they change their name and to date they still do things under the diy ethics.

Last year they released an 11 track album, which was released on cd by their own label. ¨Redundance¨ its an experimental project with sounds  mixture like hardcore, post-hardcore, noise and punk. An album full of noise and melodic tunes driven by energetic drum beats, also you´ll find two interludes on this album. ¨Redundance¨ its the last full length released… on cd, upcoming records will be available on Vinyl and digital. After ten 10 years of existence the band continues playing solid and noisy tunes with influences from bands like Hot Snakes, Young Widows, Breach, Neurosis, Kiss It Goodbye, just to name a few and give you an idea of their not limited taste, they create music without tags or classifying what they do, they just simple do it. So if you´re looking for some post-whatever-noise, go to their bandcamp page, listen and then make them an offer or buy the cd for only €7. Recommended.

Bancamp | Facebook

Kafabindünya – Obi

Origin: Turkey
Year: 2012
Genre:Experimental / Post-rock
Tracks: 11
Label: Peyote Müzik
Kafabindünya is a post-rock band from Istanbul, Turkey, they say they´re  not your typical lovely post-rock band,¨ Denying the so called moody and repetitive harmonic structure of most post-rock bands, kafabindünya focuses on experimenting with subjects like composition and feeling in music. According to kafabindünya, ordinary songs with lyrics limit the story that the listener imagines, by the content of the lyrics. kafabindünya composes instrumental music because they want people to build their own stories and use their music as the soundtrack of their own fiction, only influenced by the song’s name¨. Highly recommended.

The Para-Medics – Patsy Cline Gun Squid

Origin: United States
Year: 2012
Genre: Experimental / Instrumental / Math-rock
Tracks: 5
Label: Swerp Records
The Para-Medics hails from Chicago, the band is made by Dylan Piskula (Guitar), Nnamdi Ogbonnaya ( Drums) and Brian Baliga (Bass). “Patsy Cline Gun Squid” contains their previous three tracks from “Switch It On Em!!!” and two new tracks “Dukakis” and “40 Million Gold Rings”. The band reminds to bands like Tera Melos, Hella or Piglet. More people should listen to this, highly recommended.

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Rosa Parks – Black Is The Color Of Bondage, Blue Is The Past

Origin: Hungary
Year: 2010
Genre: Post-Rock | Experimental
Label: unsigned
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Web: Facebook | Bandcamp

Rosa Parks play a blend of Post-Rock with some mathy elements, creating a great atmosphere. Some parts are a little heavy and here and there are some vocals – feels just right! If you like Post-Rock and bands like And So I Watch You From Afar you should not sleep on this!
Highly recommended!


1. Stay Punk! Stay Prog!
2. 0110
3. Only The Lights
4. Dance While You Still Can
5. The Saville Inquiry


Aldo Raine – Welthass

Origin: Germany
Year: 2012
Genre: Post-Rock | Hardcore | Screamo
Label: unsigned
Buy: not yet
Web: Facebook

“The new band from the fat guy from Arroyo”.
Yeah, that’s what they say on their FB page.
Sometimes loud and harsh, sometimes quiet.
5 tracks, written & recorded in 7 days.
All in all pretty good.


1. Anchored
2. God Called Me To Be A Nun. I Became A Prostitute.
3. Seppuku
4. Lord Cammy
5. Released

Download | Bandcamp

Wreck And Reference – No Youth

Origin: United States
Year: 2012
Genre: Black metal | Experimental | Noise | Sludge 
Tracks: 10
Label: ?
“Demo is an abbreviation for demonstration and Wreck & Reference’s Black Cassette demo last year was a clear demonstration of intent – of what this California band was capable of. Now the band have created No Youth, a new LP that sits somewhere in the nether between gothic post-punk darkness, noise and ambient shadow, and epic metallic majesty with elements of black metal and hardcore, Wreck and Reference occupy a unique space on No Youth. Bauhaus-ian moments meet with Swans style dirge-and-purge and evolve into shoegaze-y black metal in a wholly cohesive manner; check out the wild trip for yourself.” -BrooklynVegan
[Band request]

Cathedraal – Voix Blanches

Origin: France
Year: 2012
Genre: Screamo | Experimental
Label: selfreleased
Buy: nope
Web: Bandcamp

Pretty good dark and a little black stuff from France. Some classical tunes here and there – kinda churchy, haha. I like!


1. Sasha
2. Quelque Part À L’Est: Babi Yar
3. En Crimée
4. Je Ne T’Ai Pas Défendu
5. Laisser Aller
6. Dieu Ne Croit Plus En Nous
7. Rouler Les Peaux Mortes
8. Des Noms Sur Des Valises
9. Je L’Aimais Encore
10. Les Arbres En Témoignent


Agent Fresco – A Long Time Listening

Origin: Iceland
Year: 2010
Genre: Experimental | Pop | Rock | Math
Label: Record Records
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Web: Bandcamp

Iceland. This could be the whole review for this masterpiece cause I think real music lovers know how oddly brilliant like “every single” Icelandic artist is. I was first listening to Agent Fresco’s EP “Lightbulb Universe” (which you can also find on this blog) at my brother’s place almost two years ago and I was like “Uhm, what the hell!?”, in a positive way! Anyway, the EP was/is genius but this full length kills it! All the tracks but one off of the EP are also on this record, re-recorded, fresher sound, here and there more guitars, keys and less drums (I was kinda disappointed about the chorus in “Eyes Of A Cloud Catcher” though cause there “lacks” the accent with the double bass to the snare at one point…). So, they changed/added some stuff – which is still absolutely OK for me – and added 12 more mindblowing songs. I thought they would begin the record with the intro and first track from the EP, I’m glad they did not, the new “intro” – called “Anemoi” has one of the most beautiful piano riffs, sick polyrhythmic drumming and of course Arnór Dan’s unbelievable intense vocals! I think this really is my favourite track off of the record, though it doesn’t change that much, just growing a lot! OK, I could write about every single song now, but – of course – I won’t. I try to come to an end soon. Agent Fresco play Pop, they play Jazz, Electronic Dance music (“Implosions” gives me goosebumps every single time), Rock, Funk, Metal, Math-whatever, Agent Fresco play what they like, every song is a one of a kind and brilliant in it’s own way. All in all, marvelous musicianship all the time, no surprise they won (and will win, hehe) like a million music prices. I am by the way listening to it with headphones at the moment – having a nice Whisky – and just realized I do not listen to these guys enough! The title track “A Long Time Listening” is playing right now and I am singing along, such a hymn! I JUST LOVE THIS BAND!
Serious, if you like music at all, GIVE THIS A LISTEN! I have no idea how anyone could dislike this, at all! HIGH-HIGH-HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Thanks to Arnór for wanting us to put this up! BUY!!!
They’ll be playing SXSW and Canadian Music Fest this year by the way (note: unfortunately they had to cancel those gigs)!


1. Anemoi
2. He Is Listening
3. Eyes Of A Cloud Catcher
4. Silhouette Palette
5. Of Keen Gaze
6. Translations
7. A Long Time Listening
8. In The Dirtiest Deep Of Hope
9. Yellow Nights
10. Paused
11. Implosions
12. Almost A Whisper
13. Pianissimo
14. One Winter Sailing
15. Tiger Veil
16. Above These City Lights
17. Tempo


Pan – Post Rock Is Not Dead

Origin: USA
Year: 2011
Genre: Post-Rock | Indie | Experimental
Label: self-released
Buy: ?
Web: Facebook

This is a real fun record! It’s like Post-Rock mixed with Fang Island which is absolutely badass! I love that childish touch it has if you know what I’m trying to say. These guys definitely know how to build that up to huge walls.

1. Raining May
2. Seeking (The Sea King)
3. The Highlands
4. Found The King
5. Arenas
6. Seeking Half Time
7. The Home Team Just Went Undefeated

Download | Bandcamp

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble – Live – I Forsee The Dark Ahead, If I Stay

Origin: Netherlands
Year: 2011
Genre: Jazz | Darkjazz | Experimental
Label: self-released i guess
Buy: ?
Web: Facebook

“Soundtracks for imaginary movies.”
You guys probably know this band already. Psychedelic darkened Jazz is what this is about. Super intense atmospheres! It’s a compilation of live recordings from several shows. The band just put that up for free download today, but better donate some money if you have some. Highly recommended!

1. Celladoor
2. Lobby
3. Mists Of Krakatoa
4. Adaption Of The Koto Song
5. Symmetry Of 6’s
6. Nothing Changes/Senki Dala/Embers
7. Black Wings
8. Goya
9. The MacGuffin

Download | Bandcamp

Use Value – Inaccuracy Vs. Confusion

Origin: USA
Year: 2011
Genre: Punk | Indie | Experimental
Label: self-released
Buy: ?
Web: Facebook

Band request. I’m to lazy too write some stuff about this right now, so:
“A complete departure from 2011’s “The Golden Trough,” Use Value’s new record, “Inaccuracy Vs. Confusion” finds the band exploring more melodic and structurally refined territory. The album explores the indie guitar rock tradition rooted in the 1990s in a way that is both fresh and familiar, incorporating subtle elements of prog/math-rock and post-hardcore.”

1. Sides
2. Fire
3. Circle
4. God
5. Future

Download | Bandcamp

Dionaea – Grounds

Year: 2010
Genre: Experimental | Math-Core | Post-Rock
Label: self-released
Buy: ?
Web: Facebook

Sick shit. Psyopus meets Daughters meets Post-Rock. If you like the mentioned bands combined with Post-Rock (haha, Daughters with Post-rock…) you’ll love this. The guys just released their new record called “Still” which you can also find at their Bandcamp, sadly no free download.

1. 1986 (End Of Good Dreams)
2. Where Is Everybody

Download | Bandcamp

GrandFather – Stand in the Corner and Punch Yourself in the Face to Have a Good Time

Origin: USA
Year: 2011
Genre: Experimental | Hardcore | Jazz| Math-Core
Tracks: 9
Label: Unsigned
Buy: Here
Grandfather comes from Portland, OR and i’ve tagged this as experimental because i can’t descifrate how many genres they mix on their tunes…if you are looking for something new, faster, heavy and unique, you should give a try to this band! Recommended.[Band Request]

The Pax Cecilia – Blessed Are The Bonds

Origin: USA

Year: 2007

Genre: Experimental | (Post-)Hardcore | Post-Rock | Avantgarde

Label: self-released


Web: Myspace

OK, where to begin? What to say? Not that easy with this record! First track begins with some piano which leads into a GY!BEesque string part including some vocals. Now there are drums, it’s getting louder and louder, a guy is singing and a lil bit shouting from his heart. Really great atmosphere! Second track is kinda the same style. But then, boom, the crushing third song! Guitar shreds in the beginning, wow, a mixture of Mastodon, Torche and whatnot. Now you get the idea of what THE PAX CECILIA sound like all in all. It’s really hard for me to say what genre this band is in, fuck genres, but i’d say it’s a mixture of GY!BE, Maudlin Of The Well and bands like Mastodon or stuff like that… Uhm, screw that, it’s THE PAX CECILIA and nothing else. Best description! You better get yrselves this awesome record! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


1. The Tragedy

2. The Tomb Song

3. The Progress

4. The Machine

5. The Wasteland

6. The Water Song

7. The Tree

8. The Hymn


Agent Fresco – Lightbulb Universe

Origin: Iceland
Year: 2008
Genre: Experimental
Label: selfreleased
Buy: ???
Web: Myspace
One of the sickest records I discovered this year. AGENT FRESCO play a very strange kind of music, beginning with an intro sounding like poppy Meshuggah, leading into the first song with sweet piano and excellent drumwork to more beautiful silence with awkward but awesome vocals. A fusion of Metal, (Math-)Rock, Jazz and Pop. Always surprising about what’s coming next, being catchy and putting a lot of contrast into their music, AGENT FRESCO will just blow your mind (who would have thought that from an Icelandic band? Haha.). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

1. He Is Listening
2. Eyes Of A Cloud Catcher
3. Silhouette Palette
4. Tiger Veil
5. Above These City Lights
6. Tape End