The Disgrazia Legend – Redundance

The Disgrazia Legend resides in Milano, Italy, they were formed around 1997 as Onetruth, later in 2003 is when they change their name and to date they still do things under the diy ethics.

Last year they released an 11 track album, which was released on cd by their own label. ¨Redundance¨ its an experimental project with sounds  mixture like hardcore, post-hardcore, noise and punk. An album full of noise and melodic tunes driven by energetic drum beats, also you´ll find two interludes on this album. ¨Redundance¨ its the last full length released… on cd, upcoming records will be available on Vinyl and digital. After ten 10 years of existence the band continues playing solid and noisy tunes with influences from bands like Hot Snakes, Young Widows, Breach, Neurosis, Kiss It Goodbye, just to name a few and give you an idea of their not limited taste, they create music without tags or classifying what they do, they just simple do it. So if you´re looking for some post-whatever-noise, go to their bandcamp page, listen and then make them an offer or buy the cd for only €7. Recommended.

Bancamp | Facebook

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