Wreck & Reference – Want


Wreck & Reference es de esas bandas que  está de gira varias veces al año y siguen produciendo musica de calidad. Desde un principio empezaron construyendo un sonido único. Si tendría que describir el sonido, estoy seguro que lo mas cercano seria avant-garde metal noise, aunque una etiqueta de ese tamaño es ridícula.

Para los que han seguido de cerca a  esté dúo, saben que después de No Youth las cosas cambiaron un poco, ya no encontrabas tanto black metal en No Content, aun así, sigo pensando que cada material nuevo supera a su antecesor. Want es un trabajo mas atmosférico, mas no ambiental, siguen con los ruidos electrónicos oscuros, y una batería cada vez mas comprometida a ser parte importante en la creación de este sonido.

Puedes comprar Want en The Flenser, un sello que debes descubrir si aun no conoces. Por ultimo, estaran de gira por US con Deafheaven y Pallbearer, puedes checar fechas aqui.

Kerretta – His Streets of Money, Her Mouth of Gold

KerretaBandcamp | Facebook | Comprar\Buy

Poco se acerca de Kerretta y mucho me ha dado en este corto plazo. Aunque es solo un ep de dos canciones, logran agarrar al espectador desde un principio con esa batería minimalista y rítmica, acompañados de riffs profundos, como una caída al precipicio, perdidos entre el tiempo y espacio, pero consciente de lo que esta pasando. Su musica se mueve entre post-rock, noise, electronica y es instrumental. Si hubiera ciertos gritos en los clímax, me agradarían mas.

Hay un juego importante entre sonidos electrónicos e instrumentos, no tienes que ser un melómano esquizofrénico para darte cuenta, esta allí y con un poco de atención los descubres. Esto los hace una banda experimental y les da puntos extras, a todos los nuevos escuchas los pueden enganchar si gustan del post-rock pesado, sin ser post-metal o post-whatever. No es novedad tampoco escuchar estos sonidos, pero hay quienes hacen mal uso de estos y terminas odiando mas la electrónica. Kerretta, los usa debidamente sin atiborrar su musica de electrónica, por eso, pasan a ser una propuesta interesante, de ambientes cambiantes pero con el rumbo musical bien marcado.

Kerretta esta de gira Europea en estos momentos, asi que si eres uno de los pocos lectores europeos, no deberías de perder la oportunidad de ver a esta banda. Aquí las fechas:

21.04. Besancon (F), Les Passagers Du Zinc
22.04. Brussels (B), DNA
23.04. Aarau (CH), Kiff
24.04. Chemnitz (GER), AC 17
25.04. Metz (F), Young Team Festival
26.04. Mainz (GER), Haus Mainusch

The Disgrazia Legend – Redundance

The Disgrazia Legend resides in Milano, Italy, they were formed around 1997 as Onetruth, later in 2003 is when they change their name and to date they still do things under the diy ethics.

Last year they released an 11 track album, which was released on cd by their own label. ¨Redundance¨ its an experimental project with sounds  mixture like hardcore, post-hardcore, noise and punk. An album full of noise and melodic tunes driven by energetic drum beats, also you´ll find two interludes on this album. ¨Redundance¨ its the last full length released… on cd, upcoming records will be available on Vinyl and digital. After ten 10 years of existence the band continues playing solid and noisy tunes with influences from bands like Hot Snakes, Young Widows, Breach, Neurosis, Kiss It Goodbye, just to name a few and give you an idea of their not limited taste, they create music without tags or classifying what they do, they just simple do it. So if you´re looking for some post-whatever-noise, go to their bandcamp page, listen and then make them an offer or buy the cd for only €7. Recommended.

Bancamp | Facebook

Band requests

Shark Bait – Phantom Feelings

Shark Bait comes from Lafayette, Louisiana and formed in 2011, a few months after their debut  was released they did a split with Adaje. Phantom Feelings contains five tracks of post-hardcore influenced screamo and indie rock, music fully charged of melody and emotions. Fans of PBTT, Adaje or Sirs, get into this.

Bandcamp | Facebook 

Cold Blue Mountain – S/T

Cold Blue Mountain is a five piece band from Chico, California, their music is influenced by doom, sludge, post-metal. This debut full length delivers 9 tracks of down-tempo post-metal in the veins of MOTA, Omega Massif or earlier Amenra… help them to spread the word about their music, recommended.

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QDRPD – Quadrupéde

QDRPD is a duo from Le Mans, West-side of France, they play ¨Intrumental rock¨ with electronic elements thrown in the mix. When i read about the electronic elements i thought it was going to be something way different, like some ambient/drone project but this has nothing to do with that, their music also incorporates math-rock, noise and indie elements. If you have been looking for something atypical that no one knows about, you should start listening this two piece band. Highly recommended.

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Sloth Herder – Abandon Pop Sensibility

Maryland/Pennsylvania USA based Blackened Grind band formed in Frederick, MD 2009. After an unreleased demo was recorded in 2010, the band recorded their self released ‘Sluggard’ EP in early 2012. The latest EP “Abandon Pop Sensibility” was recorded November 2012 and released on December 21st, 2012.

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Crow Eater – Seasick

Crow Eater was a band from Calgary, Canada and this are their last recordings,an ep with four tracks mastered by Will Killingsworth/Dead Air Studios,  and released on tape by Revolution Winter. Intense and pissed off hardcore in the vein of bands like Converge, Failures or Das Oath, recommended.

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Blessings – Bittervatten

Sweden | 2012 |  Serene Records/Dålig Stämning

1. Bittervatten
2. Worms Of The Earth
3. Strings Of Red
4. The Shrine
5. Wormwood Litany
6. Seven Blessings
7. Licking The Hand That Bleeds

Blessings is a swedish power trio based in Gothenburg, formed in 2011 and featuring members of Anchor, Painted Wolves, Scraps Of Tape, Tsukimono and Fä among others. This is their first ep recorded and sounds insane, the tag hardcore/punk for this band  gives the idea of a music pattern, something you clearly note they don’t have. so lets say they play some kind of hardcore influenced by crust/doom/drone/shoegaze, the recordings are full of noise and feedbacks giving a darker sound.

Bittervaten was released on tape through their own label Dålig Stämning and Serene records, such tape is sold out but you can get this for the price you want on their bandcamp. A new 7″ of shorter material is in the works, as well as a longer 30+ min track which will be a separate release sometime in the fall of 2013

Bandcamp | Soundcloud

Kowloon Walled City – Container Ships


Origin: United States

Year: 2012

Tracks: 7

Label: Brutal Panda Records

Well this record took me by surprise because i didn’t knew this band was going to drop a new album soon. Anyway, their new album its hard to tag, it doesn’t sound like something i’ve heard but it haves elements of sludge, noise and even post-rock on it, their music is mean to put the listener in the same place as bands like Neurosis or Cavity, making of their music landscapes in your mind, when you find this kind of records you gotta share it with more people.

¨Container Ships¨is definitely a record that could fight a place in the top list of the year, once you start listening you’ll understand why, words can´t describe the feeling of their music, just get into this gem. Highly recommended.

Bandcamp | Buy | Website

Hush – Untitled I

Origin: United States

Genre: Ambient / Doom / Noise / Sludge metal       

Label: Unsigned

  Hush comes from Albany, New York and this is their first album recorded. It’s not easy describe music that haves a variety of genres getting mixed, but their main idea focuses on sludge metal with doom metal, its metallic but not technical like Admiral Angry or Black Sheep of Wall, at times it sounds similar to that kind of bands but these guys offers something like Thou, not with the highly post-rock influences, but you clearly hear some ambient/drone passages that turns atmospheric.

If you like the bands mentioned above, you should check out this guys, its worth the listen.

Facebook | Bandcamp

American Heritage – Sedentary

Origin: United States
Genre: Hardcore / Sludge / Noise 
Label: Solar Flare Records | Prototype Records
¨Sedentary¨ the third album from American Heritage is going to be released now in Europe by Solar Flare Records and Prototype Records. 
This album features people from Mastodon, Black Cobra and Buried At Sea, at the end the band has give us a masterpiece, honestly with this record i become a fan of American Heritage cause is technical but it sounds punk and dirty, math sludgy punk? ha, i think there´s not a tag made for this band yet but is  for sure the best stuff recorded to date.
You can pre-order this record now, its going out in Nov.27.
Highly recommended.

Horseback – Half Blood

Origin: United States
Year: 2012
Genre: Drone | Doom | Noise | Psychedelic
Tracks: 7
Label: Relapse Records
“Half Blood is an album that gets more rewarding with every listen. Miller has hidden plenty of noises and outher aural gems for listeners to discover upon repeat listens, and this is a record that you will want to come back to time and time again. It’s a milestone for Jenks Miller, after all his experimenting and collaborating he has come back with a full length that is a genuine adventure, and a record that tells a story from start to finish. I always look forward to new Horseback material, and after hearing Half Blood I know the music will only continue to grow and change, and that experimentation is met with reward.” Cvlt Nation. Recommended.

Old Fuck – Old Fuck

Origin: United States
Year: 2012
Genre: Doom metal | Hardcore | Noise | SludgeTracks: 4
Label: Unsigned
Old Fuck comes from Chicago, IL and is formed by current members from Ittö, My Dads and The Para-Medics. Old Fuck doesn’t sound like their side projects,  this is some dirty and nasty doom metal/sludge… heavy as fuck, if this had better recordings it’ll sounds much better, listen to them and judge for yourself. Recommended.   

Wreck And Reference – No Youth

Origin: United States
Year: 2012
Genre: Black metal | Experimental | Noise | Sludge 
Tracks: 10
Label: ?
“Demo is an abbreviation for demonstration and Wreck & Reference’s Black Cassette demo last year was a clear demonstration of intent – of what this California band was capable of. Now the band have created No Youth, a new LP that sits somewhere in the nether between gothic post-punk darkness, noise and ambient shadow, and epic metallic majesty with elements of black metal and hardcore, Wreck and Reference occupy a unique space on No Youth. Bauhaus-ian moments meet with Swans style dirge-and-purge and evolve into shoegaze-y black metal in a wholly cohesive manner; check out the wild trip for yourself.” -BrooklynVegan
[Band request]

Pigs – You Ruin Everything

Origin: United States
Year: 2012
Genre: Noise | Metal 
Tracks: 11
Label: Solar Flare Records
Get a copy here.
 You Ruin Everything », first album from New-York Noise Hardcore power-trio, PIGS, has just been released on 11st April through french label SOLAR FLARE Records as a 12″ LP. PIGS consists of Dave Curran (UNSANE), James J. Paradise (PLAYER’S CLUB) and producer Andrew Schneider (CONVERGE, CAVE IN, MADE OUT OF BABIES, KEELHAUL). [Label request]


Sorry to all those bands who has send messages before, but sometimes it’s hard to be in all and post every time i want. This is the first megapost, easier way to post all the requests.
At The Heart of The Wolrd/Quills Split

Origin: United States
Year: 2011
Genre: Grindcore | Hardcore | Noise | Sludge | 
Tracks: 7
Label: Self Released
Buy: Here

State Lines | Hoffman Manor

Origin: United States
Year: 2011
Genre: Indie | Punk
Tracks: 10 
Label: Meadowbrook Records
Buy: Here

These Branches | The Payoff

Origin: United States
Year: 2011
Genre: Indie | Post-Hardcore | Punk
Tracks: 4
Label: Kat Kat Records
Buy: Here
Reservoir | Into Endings 

Origin: United States
Year: 2011
Genre: Emo | Post-Hardcore | Punk
Tracks:  3
Label: Upside Down Records
Buy: Here

Haapoja | Hallitsematonta Voimaa

Origin: Finland
Year: 2011
Genre: Hardcore | Metal
Label: Unsigned
Buy: Here

Brut | Brut

Origin: United States
Year: 2011
Genre: Crust | Hardcore | Sludge
Tracks: 12
Label: Unsigned
Buy: Here 
More will come soon.

The Body & Braveyoung: Nothing Passes

Origin: United States

Year: 2011
Genre: Drone|Noise|Post-Rock
Label: At A Loss Recordings
Buy: Here
Web: Facebook [TB][BR]

Nothing passes is not a split but a collaboration between The Body and Braveyoung. After playing several shows together the bands entered Providence’s Machines With Magnets early in 2011. The result a layered but cohesive voyage through cavernous, noise-laden tumult and chaos, ethereal horror-soundtrack creepouts and even serene acoustic passages, exploring new styles for both acts while still having elements of ea. bands trademark styles. Additional sonic layers are by the Assembly Of Light Choir and Human Beast!.

The Body

Retox – Ugly Animals

Origin: USA

Year: 2011

Genre: Punk | Hardcore | Noise

Label: Three One G

Buy: here

Web: Website

Justin Pearson! Do I have to say more? This record is a fucking noisy bastard! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

I already said it some time ago: my web connection is SO lame, that’s why I just rip links off of somewhere or post Bandcamp stuff… Uploading would take me hours and hours…

Link by the mighty PERCEPTION THROUGH DISSONANCE (click!)! I just had to share this one!


1. The World Is Endind And It’s About Time

2. Thirty Cents Shy Of A Quarter

3. A Bastard On Father’s Day

4. A Funeral On Christmas Sunday

5. Stick A Fork In It

6. Cement Sucking

7. Boredom Is Counter-Revolutionary

8. Ten Pounds Of Shit In A Five Pound Bag

9. A Captive Audience

10. Sorry, We Are Just Not Compatible

11. Piss Elegant


Valerian Swing – A Sailor Lost Around The Earth

Origin: Italy
Year: 2011
Genre: Math-Rock|Noise|Post-Rock|Post-Hardcore
Tracks: 10
Label: Magic Bullet Records
Buy: Here
Valerian Swing hails from Correggio, Italy, they have been around since 2005…it’s a 3 piece band and they incorporate a variety of sounds, i haven’t describe their music yet. These lovely guys don’t follow a sound or a line or whatever you want to say, the other day i downloaded their old stuff and they used to sound more chaotic. In “A Sailor Lost Around The Earth” thay take their all the music they have been listening for years to create a master piece, they go from the deepest and saddest post-rock to the wildest math-rock you can imagine. I can’t describe very well this band, but i really recommend you this band…it was time to find something unique and fresh nowadays. You can stream the complete album at their bandcamp, support the band!. Also, this guys will tour europe in June, be smart and assit to their gigs, you can see more at our upcoming tours section. Highly Recommended.

Cthulhu Youth

Origin: United Kingdom

Genre: Chaotic Hardcore|Noise|Powerviolence

Label: Holy Roar Records|Subsubtropics Records

Buy: Here & Here

Web: Blog|Facebook

Cthulhu Youth hails from London, i thought i had posted their demo but i check the past files and nothing. These guys have been doing some insteresting stuff, they aren’t stocked in a genre, you can easily hear more things in their songs, such as black metal, grindcore, powerviolence and obviously hardcore, but not that tough shit. Their demo blowed my mind in the end of the past year, a few months ago they released their first full lenght and it sounds a bit different from what the demo deserves, but still in the same sick quality. For fans of Trap Them, Dropdead, Pariso. Highly Recommended[Band Request] 

Year: 2010
Tracks: 7

Inflatable World For Weak Lungs/Water Retention Problems 
Year: 2011
Tracks: 11