Negative Standards / Whitehorse split review

Este split me tomo por sopresa, por dos cosas, uno es por que no sabia sobre la existencia de este y dos, tiene nombre y se llama Whitehorse. Una vez mas Vendetta Records editando musica de calidad, esta vez junto a Negative Standards y Whitehorse en un 12″.

Negative Standards son del area de San Francisco, y, dando continuidad a su previo lp “VI-XI”, aportan dos canciones tituladas “XII” y “XIII”. La 12 aka XII, basta con escucharla los primeros 30 segundos, para empezar a especular lo que viene, pero no te dan tiempo de pensar en mucho, ya que no tardan en sonar los tambores del baterista, empieza el feedback y los riffs llegan en forma de patada, una mezcla entre hardcore/crust/black metal acompañados de blast beats solo cuando son necesarios, sin sobre cargar la cancion de estos. Hay una pequeña pausa que da paso a un sampler y un interludio, aqui es cuando empiezan a sonar mas oscuros, prolongando riffs  y el head bangeo empieza, un sonido doom/sludge metal que va ascendiendo para regresar a esos blast beats y riffs rápidos. Sigue la numero 13 y esta cancion dura alrededor de 2 minutos, lo cual hace que nos den riffs mas distorsionados y llenos de odio, plagados de blast beats y ritmos muy rapidos.  Su colaboracion dura casi 12 minutos y te mantiene atento a toda clase de detalle incluido, desde los samplers hasta el bajo distorsionado

Whitehorse es una banda de Melbourne, Australia y como dije antes, no los habia escuchado hasta el dia de hoy. Una vez que entre a su bandcamp mire una larga columna de splits, ep’s y lp’s, esto quiere decir que volveré para escuchar mas. Una vez dandole play a su parte del split, que es una grabacion que dura casi 13 minutos, desde el principio suletan el doom metal de una forma mas sucia pero con la misma formula hipnotizante, acompañado de ritmos minimalistas y pesados, sonando al estilo de The Body -es lo primero que me viene a la mente-, pero con gritos mas propios del grindcore. Doom metal lleno de noise, llevandote a un lugar tenebroso y oculto, sin necesidad de blast beats para que su sonido quede sonando en tu cabeza por unos segundos mas despues de terminada la cancion.

Queda en tus manos escuchar este split. Puedes conseguirlo en fisico con las bandas o directamente de Vendetta Records. Altamente recomendado.

Another bash of band requests


HANDLINGNOISE was founded in Helsinki, Finland as an ambient/noise –project in 2007. It was started for a one-off performance at a club for experimental music. Shortly after the concert we were joined by a drummer, which opened up a load of new possibilities. Due to our different musical backgrounds and influences that range from minimal electronic music to metal our own style became very multifaceted.

We wanted to develop a distinctive sound also from the production point of view, so we started recording material on our own in 2008. In the beginning we did this at training spaces and summer cottages using our own and some borrowed equipment. As the project evolved and we realized that these recordings were growing into an album, we also went to record in a studio. We finished work on our debut album in the spring of 2012 and it was mastered by Harris Newman at Greymarket Mastering, Montreal, Canada.

Bandcamp | Facebook

Black Mass – Of First and Last Things

Black Mass is a four piece band from Leeds, UK, their music flows into the most evil death-metal/grindcore rolled into hardcore/ crust mix, seriously one of the most heaviest and obscure band  you are able to find nowadays. This record contains re-recordings of their complete discography. Shows and new tunes will come pretty soon, keep an eye with this band and if you have the chance to see them live, don’t miss them. Recommended.

Bandcamp | Download

Quiet Arcs – I’ve Been Feeling Kind Of Temporary

I’ve Been Feeling Kind of Temporary is the new self-released 7″ from Quiet Arcs. This sonically assaulting EP is the most refined blend of this Philadelphia-area band’s signature mix of aggressive hardcore and contemplative art rock. This is a limited pressing of 200 copies on black vinyl.

For fans of Ink & Dagger, Sonic Youth, and Drive Like Jehu.

Bandcamp | Facebook

Things Fall Apart/Vowel/City of Ifa/Light Black – 4 way split

Here’s a four way split you should check if you like post-hardcore infected of screamo and post-rock. 300 copies were released by the independent uk label Enjoeyment Records. Listen/Download and Buy the record from this bandcamp.

Flawless – Winter Tour Tape

Flawless is a 4-piece post-hardcore band from Springfield, Missouri. A relatively young band, their debut 5-song EP, ‘Something I’ll Never Miss’, was self-recorded and released on December 17, 2011 through OurBlock Records. Influenced by & in vein of 90’s bands such as Jawbreaker, American Football, & Nirvana, the band is best known for their DIY ethics, sporadic dynamics, and energetic house shows. Vocalist & guitarist Ian Keiser (18), guitarist Ethan Hollingshad (21), drummer Alex Harris (19), and bassist Jason Nunn (20) are currently finishing up their first full-length, which will feature both songs on side A of their Winter Tour Tape

Bandcamp  | Facebook | Download

Stellar Young-Everything At Once

People are going to download your music one way or another, so why not give them the highest quality download with the option to pay?” says Erik Flora (guitar/vocals). Erik goes on to explain that free downloads with the option to pay is the direction the music industry has headed. Bands such as Radiohead and Wilco have paved the road for this movement. “Since the digital release is basically free we wanted to add some value to the physical release” explains John Glenn. The physical release of Everything at Once contains musical interludes as well as a booklet with illustrations by Amanda Marie Eilis King (of AMEK Studios). “This album is more of a cohesive thought than what we’ve done in the past” says Dave Parker. “By using a centralized theme, we aimed to create an experience when you listen to the whole album front to back which has also been the movement in our live show.” The physical album will be released in early January, 2013.

Everything at Once was mostly tracked in the band’s apartment and produced by Dave Parker just like their last release Madison. However, this time the drums were recorded at Applehead Studios in Woodstock, NY and all of the tracks were mixed by Michael Birnbaum and Chris Bittner. Michael and Chris are known for producing bands like Straylight Run, Coheed and Cambria, The Sleeping, and many more. Stellar Young is a prime example of the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) band. Between independently releasing Everything at Once, successfully raising funds on Kickstarter for a mini shuttle bus, releasing/recording their sophomore album Madison, hard work and dedication would be the best way to describe their music.

Bandcamp | Facebook

Gummidge – Sick Again

Gummidge is an Irish three piece band formed by people from Trenches, Easpa Measa and Only Fumes and Corpses, this new project doesn’t sound like their past crusty/hardcore projects, they do a blend of post-punk similar to bands like  Shellac, Young Widows, Gods and Queens, etc. So if you’re seeking for something new in the genre, give a listen to this guys, recommended.

Bandcamp | Facebook | Download

Reivers – Sympathetic Shock

REIVERS are members of GRAF ORLOCK and NEGATIVE STANDARDS ; this is their debut LP after releasing a 7″ on vitriol records in 2011 ; Female fronted hardcore in the vein of Suicide File and other rocky-hardcore styles. to be honest,it has a slightly touch of a PUNCH influence as well … so raging, political hardcore.

Blog | Bandcamp

Early Mammal – Demon or Saint? 

Early Mammal started on February 1st 2012 in an old butter factory in Camberwell, South London, called Dropout (London’s true home of sludge and noise). Formed by Rob Herian (ex-Elks on guitar and vocals, Ben Davies (ex-85 Bears) on drums, and with the prog-stylings of Turkish born Deniz Belendir on organ and synths, the band spent hours jamming heavy blues, space-rock and psyche with the likes of Captain Beefheart, High Rise, White Hills and Hawkwind on the brain, and in September 2012 finally finished recording their first album, Horror at Pleasure, which is looking for a 2013 release.
It’s head-down-rock; it’s fuzzed-out and heavy. But there’s also something wrong in the story. That’s what the last few months have created in Early Mammal and that’s what you get. That’s what we all get because there’s something not right about any of us, anywhere. All our stories are fucked. Early Mammal is coming from somewhere else. It’s expected and it’s telling you something.

Bandcamp | Facebook

More requests to come soon, i’m still doing the selection of bands that deserves an space on this blog, if you send your requests months ago, don’t worry, if i like what i hear it will appear. Thanks to all of you who send their stuff to this blog. Edgar.

New records from Throatruiner

Throatruiner is a french record label very active, a proof of that is the four records coming out in the next months of bands like Primitive Man, The Phantom Carriage, Cortez and Vuyvr… blackened music to this dehumanized society.

So, i’m gonna start with the second album of  The Phantom Carriage, ¨Falls¨ contains 8 tracks, each one shaped with their own poison of dark hardcore and black metal, nothing new nowadays but these guys takes their music to the most extreme side of their sound.

¨”Falls” brings the band’s unique approach to the next level, invoking reminiscences of various acts such as Deathspell Omega, Cave In, Comity, Deafheaven or Kickback. Songs such as “Dreamers Will Never Stop Dreaming” or “Today We Stand” reveal how much the band has improved their songwriting abilities, burying the listener under piles of epic & technical riffs, labyrinthic structures and unearthly vocals. By throwing into their chaos some more unorthodox influences they gained from their other past and actual experiences, THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE prove that they are digging deeper than your average “blackened hardcore” band. And they will take you with them.¨

Bandcamp | Download

Trying to determine why Vuyvr’s debut album “Eiskalt” is a stimulating and refreshing take on black metal is not an easy task. Hailing from Switzerland, their sound initially appears to be rather traditional, obviously influenced by a number of Norwegian and Swedish meisters of the genre. Beneath an impeccable flow and as the record will start to grow on you, you’ll notice subtle, personal touches which contribute to a large extent to the record’s peculiar charm. There’s majestic breakdowns who are wonderful but not strictly metallic (“Betrayers Of The North”), stellar dual guitars equally breathing of heavy metal and post rock (“Dead Trees Will Wander At Night”). The vocals are crisp but not exaggerated, conveying immediacy. The primitive pounding of the drums resonates the naive fury of extreme metal’s early days… Devil is in the details indeed and apparently Vuyvr have inherited the unorthodox class that characterizes their country’s metal tradition (Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Samael, Coroner…). Having excelled in the ranks of seminal underground acts such as Knut, Impure Wilhelmina, Rorcal, Elizabeth, they are not preoccupied by what the purists will think of them. They are devoted to sonic darkness and it’s all that matters. Less than a year after their initial racket, the band rushed into their practice space and recorded 9 tracks within a day that would eventually become “Eiskalt”.

Bandcamp | Download

With this album Cortez is again proving that you can get out of the habitual pattern of power trio (guitar, drums and voice), and still burps noise-hardcore fury and incandescent anger. The band recently reorganized itself with the arrival of Antoine Tinguely on the guitar (ex-Berserk For Tea Time), Samuel Vaney, former guitarist, is now supporting the band as composer / mixer. Recorded partly in the REC Studio of Serge Morattel in Geneva, drums, and partly in their own rehearsal space, guitars and vocals, this new album is the result of hard work, giving the band big freedom in creation and the possibility to fully assume the production process. Complete independence in learning, creating and finalizing the record. “Phoebus” reaffirms the taste of Cortez for saturation, but also explores a wide range of possibilities. Like a threatening and corrosive mist the aggressive sound still remains intense, melancholic and emotional.


Fronted by Ethan McCarthy of notable grind acts Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire and Death of Self, Denver, Colorado’s PRIMITIVE MAN play some sort of blackened sludge/doom with hints of drone and d-beat in the vein of bands such as The Body, Thou or Khanate. An earth-shattering, bleak wall of crushing dissonance and pure sonic heaviness : “Scorn” is only the band’s debut full-length, but it already sounds like one of the heaviest and most brutal records you’ll hear for a while. Thirty nine minutes of pure, unrelenting destruction that will leave you bruised and bleeding.


Nonsun – Good Old Evil

Ukraine | 2012 | Self-released 

1. Jesus’ Age
2. Rain Have Mercy
3. Message Of Nihil Carried By The Waves Of The Big Bang
4. Forgotten Is What Never Was

Nonsun is two piece band from Lviv,Ukraine, they were formed around 2011. On december it was released their debut ep which contains four tracks in about 48 minutes. What you’ll find here is a doom metal infected by droning riffs that will make bleed your ears, tracks filled with feedbacks and bluesy riffs at some parts, all this things makes a solid demo, even if there’s a shitload of bands playing as dark as they can these guys have done something more than just play heavy, you need to listen carefully so you can discover hidden sounds. Highly recommended. [Bndrqst]

Bandcamp | Facebook | Mediafire

Cloud Rat – Moksha

MokshaUnited States | 2013  | Halo of Lies/IFB/React With Protest/7 Degrees

1. Inkblot
2. Aroma
3. Corner Space
4. Olympia
5. Peer to Peer
6. Widowmaker
7. Infinity Chasm
8. Inimitable Sea
9. Daunting Daughters
10. Casse
11. The Needle and the Damage Done
12. Vigil
13. Moksha

Have been listening to this record a few times today and i totally get into this band, haven’t heard before them and the more i know about the band i ask myself why i never give them a listen… better late than ever. So, as some of you know they recently did a split with Republic of Dreams and they have been releasing records since 2010, to date some says this are their best recordings so far, i’m still curious to listen their past recordings, anyway, have been listening this record for almost four times.

The side A starts with a sampler and then a metal riff that turns into an insane grindcore slot intoxicated of d-beat and metal, least but not least are the vocals, she doesn’t follow any path, her vocals are clean sometimes, most time transmitting her angry feelings. That’s not all about this record, on side B they also throw to the mix some sludgy down-tempo riffages , along other sounds like hardcore or screamo; it’s interesting how each song has their own touch and makes this album different from others. ¨We aren’t afraid to experiment with new sounds and ideas, but not so much that we lose sight of what we are predominantly: punks playing really fast.”.

Cloud Rat is not the only three piece band, but these guys make a complete sound with one guitar, without bass, only drums played really heavy. The lp is already out and you can order your copy in America here:  Europe:

Facebook | Listen

Besides their new record, they will be touring Europe btw march/april, here are the dates:

04.3 UK London w/ Lich
05.3 UK Norwich w/ Lich
06.3 UK Nottingham w/ Lich
07.3 UK Glasgow w/ Lich
08.3 UK Bradford @ Equal Fest (the 1 in 12 club) w/ Lich
09.3 UK Margate w/ Lich
10.3 France Paris w/ Lich
11.3 FR Pau w/ Lich
12.3 Spain Bilboa w/ Lich
13.3 SP Barcelona w/ Lich
14.3 FR Toulon w/ Lich
15.3 Italy Milan w/ Lich
16.3 Austria Graz w/ Lich
17.3 A Vienna w/ Lich
18.3 Czech Republic Prague w/ Lich
19.3 Germany Erlangen w/ Lich
20.3 D Giessen w/ Lich
21.3 Netherlands Nijmegen w/ Resurrectionists & Lich
22.3 D Münster @ Baracke w/ Resurrectionists, Lich, Grinding Halt
23.3 D Hamburg w/ Resurrectionists
24.3 Denmark Valby @ Kraftwerket w/ Resurrectionists
25.3 Sweden w/ Resurrectionists
26.3 S Stockholm w/ Resurrectionists
27.3 Norway – Oslo w/ Resurrectionists
28.3 S Gothenburg @ Härden w/ Resurrectionists
29.3 DK Aalborg @ 1000 Fryd w/ Resurrectionists
30.3 D Lübeck @ VEB w/ Resurrectionists
31.3 D Mülheim w/ Resurrectionists
01.4 NL Groningen @ Vera Basement
02.4 D Berlin
03.4 Poland w/ Republic of Dreams
04.4 Poland / Warsaw w/ Republic of Dreams
05.4 Poland w/ Republic of Dreams
06.4 D Leipzig
07.4 D Köln

Aleph Null – Belladonna Ep

Second ep by the German band Aleph Null, if you haven´t check this band yet,  is time to get into their music. These guys play something between doom and sludge filled with psychedelic riffs, if you are looking for something fresh in the doom/sludge community you should give a proper listen to this record. Contains four new tracks and you can get it for free through their bandcamp, don’t know if its going to be released physical, that would be great but they still unsigned, so if you run a label you should sign this band, once you hear this you’ll understand why i’m saying this.Highly recommended.

Bandcamp / Facebook

Kowloon Walled City – Container Ships


Origin: United States

Year: 2012

Tracks: 7

Label: Brutal Panda Records

Well this record took me by surprise because i didn’t knew this band was going to drop a new album soon. Anyway, their new album its hard to tag, it doesn’t sound like something i’ve heard but it haves elements of sludge, noise and even post-rock on it, their music is mean to put the listener in the same place as bands like Neurosis or Cavity, making of their music landscapes in your mind, when you find this kind of records you gotta share it with more people.

¨Container Ships¨is definitely a record that could fight a place in the top list of the year, once you start listening you’ll understand why, words can´t describe the feeling of their music, just get into this gem. Highly recommended.

Bandcamp | Buy | Website

Sea Bastard – Sea Bastard


Origin: United Kingdom

Genre: Doom metal / Sludge

Label: Unsigned

From the cradle of doom comes Sea Bastard, this band was formed last year from the ashes of Jovian and Funeral Hag. They say their music is the mixture of both bands, but if you don’t know their past bands it doesn’t matter cause you don’t need to hear the full album to enjoy their groovy/bluesy sludgy doom metal, from the beginning you feel that heavyweight riff hitting your brain with their fuzzy vibes and the harsh vocals fits perfect, plus the drums is played precise and meaner, giving a more obscure sound, all in conjunct sounds great.

This is their first album recorded and features five songs passing the 10 minutes each, it never turns boring, if you really enjoy doom metal you’ll love this record. The self-titled album its up on bandcamp as free download, a physical release will be available soon, so it rest to say go to their bandcamp page and get this now while you can. Highly recommended.

Buy merch | Bandcamp | Facebook

Kylesa – From The Vaults | Vol.1

Origin: United States

Genre: Sludge

Label: Season of Mist

It’s weird trying to classify Kylesa music, they have been playing what they want, not following a pattern and instead of that expanding their sound to more than only sludge , i think i’ve never heard a record from them that sounds similar to previous records, just records that i disliked for some time and then after listening for a couple of times my perception of their music changed and understand that trying to sound like something it can be boring.

 ¨From The Vault | Vol.1¨ features unreleased and new tracks, even a cover of Pink Floyd, so yeah it’s a collection from their beginning to date. A new album will be released next year, before it happens, you can spend hours listening From The Vaults. Recommended.

Facebook Buy | Listen

American Heritage – Sedentary

Origin: United States
Genre: Hardcore / Sludge / Noise 
Label: Solar Flare Records | Prototype Records
¨Sedentary¨ the third album from American Heritage is going to be released now in Europe by Solar Flare Records and Prototype Records. 
This album features people from Mastodon, Black Cobra and Buried At Sea, at the end the band has give us a masterpiece, honestly with this record i become a fan of American Heritage cause is technical but it sounds punk and dirty, math sludgy punk? ha, i think there´s not a tag made for this band yet but is  for sure the best stuff recorded to date.
You can pre-order this record now, its going out in Nov.27.
Highly recommended.

IronHorse – Dragged Down A Dead End Path

Origin: United States
Genre: Crust /Hardcore / Grindcore / Sludge
Label: Unsigned
Denver’s IronHorse released their full length debut back in July, seems like is only released digital and it’s up for free download in bandcamp. ¨Dragged Down A Dead End Path¨ contains 10 songs of pure evil hardcore influenced crust/grindcore with some sludgy riffs and even some powerviolence can be heard, the more you listen this record the more you get into this neck breaker   sound… for fans of Torch Runner, Bone Dance, Dead in The Dirt or even Gaza. Highly recommended.

Dredd – Recurring Nightmare

Dredd´s new ep is here, ¨Recurrind Nightmare¨ is going to be released as tape on Downside Records this november. meanwhile you can go to bandcamp and download this for free.
Probably you can think this is other  blackened hardcore/crust/sludge band but once you start listening your perception changes and is easy   to like what the band has done with this new record. All starts with a dronnig riff thats goes heavier and another guitar comes with feedback and everything is taking shape, a dark/metallic hardcore full of feedbacks, start-stops and blast beats. If you are seeking for something fresh in the genre you should give a listen to this four track ep. Highly recommended,

Slomatics – A Hocht

Origin: Ireland
Year: 2012
Genre: Doom metal / Sludge
Tracks: 8
Label: Burning World Records | Head of Crom Records
New eight track album from the irish heavy weight doomsters, slomatics. The band has been active since 2004, heard them for the first time this past year, in one of the best splits from last year for my point of view… you can listen the side of the split with conan in their bandcamp, anyway, like i was saying Slomatics released a new lp through Head of Crom and cd version by Burning Wolrd Records, if you want to read more about each press go to the links below. 
¨A Hocht¨ and not of cocaine, its what you should get now, highly recommended.
Website | Buy[Lp][Cd] | Listen

Closure / Moloch split

Origin:United Kingdom
Genre:Doom / Hardcore / Powerviolence / Sludge
Tracks: 5
Label: Feast of Tentacles | KOTM Records
 A split i was waiting for, both bands sound is brutal and violent… the split starts with Closure, four tracks of ultra heavy hardcore/powerviolence. In the other side is Moloch just with one track of six minutes with the same dose of mean doom/sludge with angry shouts… both bands are already known by most of you. Highly recommended.
Pre-order [US][UK] | Listen

In The Company of Serpents – In The Company of Serpents

Origin: United States
Genre:Doom metal / Sludge / Stoner metal
Tracks: 5
Label: Unsigned

ITCoS comes from Denver, Colorado and its formed by Grant Netzorg and JJ Anselmi(Royal Talons). This debut album is a great quality of doom metal, groovy and catchy is what they have created, bluesy riffs with drum beats that fits perfectly, doesn’t turn boring and its easy-listening, even if you are not fan of the genre you´ll enjoy this. Fans of Windhand, Electric Wizard or Weedeater, seriously a beast you can´t miss… highly recommended.

Bandcamp | Facebook

Heemeyer – Heemeyer

Origin:United States
Genre:Metallic Hardcore / Sludge 
Tracks: 5
Heemeyer formed in the summer of 11′ in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Their name makes reference to Marvin Heemeyer, he armored a Komatsu D355A bulldozer with layers of steel and concrete and used it on June 4, 2004, to demolish the town hall, the former mayor’s house, and other buildings in Granby, Colorado. The rampage ended when the bulldozer got stuck in the basement of a building he had previously destroyed. Heemeyer then killed himself with a handgun. Their music is angry, violent and metallic, mostly hardcore with heavy sludge parts, a band you should give a try after knowing the history of their name. Recommended.[Band request] 

Predicted – Demos From Witch House

Origin: Russia
Year: 2011
Genre: Doom / Psychedelic / Sludge / Stoner metal
Tracks: 5
 I came to this record before going to work, an interesting new band coming from Moscow, Russia.
Predicted is a new name on the doom community, these russian folks plays heavy doom metal psychedelic and sludgy, if you dig Electric Wizard, Elder, Belzebong or Bongzilla you´ll like this record. Highly recommended.

Samothrace – Reverence To Stone

Origin: United States
Genre: Doom metal / Sludge
Tracks: 2
Label: 20 Buck Spin
 Reverence To Stone is the band’s new album, a two track 35 minute journey into and out of a vast expanse of dark, light, shadow, heartache, depression and triumph. The 14 minute track ‘When We Emerged’ is an updated version of song that goes back to Samothrace’s demo recording from 2007, the one that attracted the attention of 20 Buck Spin in the first place. Awash in plodding heaviness, shimmery melodicism and the wrought vocals of Bryan Spinks the track has been reborn anew, the full weight of it brought forth.
‘A Horse Of Our Own’ might be considered the centerpiece here. 20 minutes representing the most recent songwriting of the band, showing the level to which Samothrace has advanced in crafting long, slow-building moods and atmospheres but with close attention to memorable song craft and tasteful musicianship. Spinks’ midwestern bluesy soloing comes out more than ever before, complimenting the post-doom riffs in ways only hinted at previously. The adept rhythm section of Dylan Desmond and Joe Axler laying down a cavernous din of physicality and timed precision over which the guitars delicately unwind, interweave and soar.
Reverence To Stone has been a long time coming for Samothrace, and for the following the band inspired in the wake of Life’s Trade. The LP represents a new beginning for the band and a point of departure from which they looks toward the future. Highly recommended.

Dopethrone – III

Genre:Doom / Sludge / Stoner metal
Label: Unsigned
I was waiting for this since the band posted a sampler of their upcoming album.If you disliked this band cause they used the name of some of the greatest songs of doom, ¨III¨ throws buzzy/filthy riffs  that will change your perception of this band, a master piece to get high and to remember why this band is called Dopethrone. Great samplers, excelent music, get on this now… highly recommended. 
[Link by PTD]

Gaza – No Absolutes In Human Suffering

Origin:United States
Genre:Chaotic hardcore / Sludge
Tracks: 11 
Label: Black Market Activities
 This is the third full lenght by Gaza and the most anticipated album this year, even if this has been shared in tons of blogs it needs to be posted in MAH. ¨The new masterpiece, No Absolutes in Human Suffering, pulls the listener down to new depths – the sound is smothering and inescapable, every note delivered with pure conviction. Yet above all, it is entrancing and anthemic – through the brutality, glorious melodic passages shine and haunt the mind long after the album ends. Produced by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou (Torche, Today Is the Day), No Absolutes in Human Suffering is Gazas ultimate musical statement to date.¨ Highly recommended.
 [link found on the web]

Nomega – Deimos

Origin: Romania
Year: 2012
Genre: Psychedelic / Sludge / Stoner 
Tracks: 4
Label: Unsigned
Nomega is formed in Timisoara, Romania, about a year and half ago and this is are their first recordings. It’s actually a live-in-the-studio demo, it contains long tracks, from 7 mints to 22 mints, a complete ritual you need to do. Spoken words and psychedelic riffs all around, can’t wait for hear more from this band. Recommended.[Band request]

Omotai – Peace Through Fear

Origin: USA
Year: 2010
Genre: Math-Metal | Metal | Sludge
Label: unsigned?
Buy: nope?
Web: Facebook

The band itself tagged this with Grindcore but I’m not OK with it. It’s not that grinding at all, more about awesome mathy/sludgy/progressive riffs! Too bad this record is that short! They also just posted a new song at their Bandcamp!
You’re into Mastodon, Kylesa, Baroness and a little heavier stuff in that genre(s)?
Give this bastard a listen immediately!
Highly recommended!


1. The Left Path
2. The Color K
3. What The Misanthrope Said
4. Smee
5. Rotting Hill

Download | Bandcamp

Appollonia – Crimson Shades

Origin: France
Year: 2012
Genre: Hardcore | Sludge | Metal
Label: Maximum Douglas Records
Buy: here
Web: Facebook

Didn’t know these guys had a new record out (actually there are two, cause I also didn’t know there was another after “Among Wolves”, to be honest, I didn’t listen to this band since “Among Wolves” came out). They changed a bit, more into the Metal direction I think. Not that bad! You can also download their previous records at Bandcamp.


1. Porcelain Whales
2. Redeemer
3. The Crooked Monarch
4. Of Stillness And Space
5. Heirs And Assigns
6. Muninn
7. Sol

Download | Bandcamp

Xozo – Farsight

Origin: USA
Year: 2012
Genre: Sludge | Hardcore
Label: unsigned?
Buy: preorder @ Bandcamp
Web: Facebook

Fuck yes, this shit is good! Heavy Sludge riffs combined with some Rock’n’Roll here and there – at it’s best! If you like Doomriders, His Hero Is Gone, Baroness or even Neurosis – get this NOW! Highly recommended!


1. Clarity
2. Regress
3. Resonance
4. Lookback
5. Existence Diminished
6. Spires
7. Suffocating Consumption
8. Zebetites
9. Quark Star
10. Skull Fortress

Download | Bandcamp

Aleph Null – Dale Ep

 Origin: Germany 
Year: 2012 
Genre: Doom | Sludge | Stoner metal  
Tracks: 6  
Label: Unsigned 
Aleph Null comes from Cologne, Germany and they were formed around 2011, “Dale” is the first work from this band and it sounds superb, if this are the first recordings i can’t wait for future releases. I wish i could write more about “Dale” but i must go to work, if you are into bands like Belzebong or Dopefight, i’m sure you’ll love this.
Highly recommended.
[Band request]

Negative Standards – VI-XI

Origin: United States
 Year: 2012
 Genre:  BlackDoometal | Crust | Hardcore | Sludge 
Tracks: 6
Label: Vendetta Records
An other band you should give a listen, Negative Standards, they come from Oakland, Ca. with members of Acts of Sedition and Kentucky Fried Doom. They have released their first full length through Vendetta Records (VI-XI), their first material (I-V) has been also pressed as 10″ by Halo of Flies, Cop Grave Recordings and Gay Scientist Recordings… that’s not all, they are into a full U.S. Tour and has started this past May 5, see the dates below.
Do you need more info about the band? Just listen and you’ll stop wonder how this band sounds.
Highly recommended. [Band request]

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Tour Dates:

May 5 – Oakland, CA @ Sugar Mountain, 2515 San Pablo w/ Burmese, Bruxers, A.C. Way, Hesitation Wounds. 8pm, $7.
May 8 – Reno, NV @ Holland Project w/ Criminal Code, Pissmixer, Fathoms.
May 9 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Boing! Collective w/ All Systems Fail, The Relief Society, Society Miscall, Filthlord. 6pm.
May 10 – Denver, CO @ Rhinoceropolis w/ Damaru, Reproacher, Dripfed. 9pm, $5.
May 11 – Omaha, NE @ The Sandbox w/ Kills & Thrills, Kublai Khan, Bruja, Grimer, Flies @ the Sandbox. 8pm, $8.
May 12 – Minneapolis, MN @ The House of Lard w/ Indulge, Cokskar, and Brain Tumors. 9 PM, $6.
May 13 – Milwaukee, WI @ Creem City Collective w/ Protestant, Sacrificial Massacre, Gnarrenschiff. 7pm.
May 14 – Chicago, IL @ TBA w/ Canadian Rifle, Thieves, Calendar Boys.
May 15 – Cleveland, OH @ Now That’s Class! w/ Tragedy, Lucha Eternal, Dismal. 9pm, $10.
May 16 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Roboto Project w/ Bacchus (Ireland), Torch Runner, Pray for Teeth.
May 17 – Washington, DC @ Ras Hall, 4809 Georgia Ave. NW w/ Good Luck, Spoonboy, Hop Along, Sundials. 6pm.
May 18 – New Brunswick, NJ @ Ray Cappo’s Cantina w/ Loose Ends, Ugly Parts, Söft Dov, Polemic Shock. 7pm, $5.
May 19 – Brooklyn, NY @ Stolen Sleeves Collective, 538 Johnson Avenue w/ Anasazi, Sad Boys, Zatsuon. 8pm, $8.
May 20 – Northhampton, MA @ VFW Florence, 18 Meadow Street w/ Warrior Kids (France), MFP.
May 21 – Montreal, QC @ Death Church w/ Æsahættr, Xothugua, Sand Witch.
May 22 – Portland, ME @ 442 St. John St w/ The Piper and the Salami, The Correspondences.
May 23 – Boston, MA @ Whacky Kastle w/ Vaccine, VYGR, Nailed Shut. 6pm, $8.
May 24 – New Haven, CT @ TBA w/ Escalators.
May 25 – Philadelphia, PA @ Cloud City w/ Bacchus (Ireland), Torch Runner, Hazards, War Emblem. 7pm, $5-10 sliding scale.
May 26 – Baltimore, MD @ TBA
May 27 – Asheville, NC @ The Get Down!
May 28 – Atlanta, GA @ Wonderroot Collective
May 29 – New Orleans, LA @ Hey Cafe w/ Mauser, Post-Teens, Mystic Inane. 8pm, $5.
May 30 – Houston, TX @ Vinyl Junkie w/ Napalm Raid, Sixbrewbantha. 3pm.
May 31 – Austin, TX @ Chaos in Tejas (Day off)
June 1 – Austin, TX @ Chaos in Tejas, End of an Ear Day Show. 3pm.
June 2 – Austin, TX @ Chaos in Tejas, Prank Records Breakfast Show w/ No Statik. 11am.
June 3 – Austin, TX @ Chaos in Tejas (Day off)
June 4 – El Paso, TX @ The Horizon Club w/ Røsenkøpf. 7pm, $5.
June 5 – Phoenix, AZ @ TBA
June 6 – Los Angeles, CA @ McWorld, 5011 W. Adams Blvd w/ TBA.
June 7 – San Francisco, CA @ TBA

Void Forger – Ruined Demo

Origin: Romania
Year:  2012
Genre: Black Metal | Hardcore | Sludge
Tracks: 3
Label: Unsigned

Void Forger comes from Bucharest, Romania and they released “Ruined Demo” on 04/03/2012. Their sound  have black metal roots, but they land more into hardcore/sludge, giving a dark and nihilistic  sound, their lyrics are inspired by cyberpunk and dystopian themes, fantasy and social issues. If they keep writing in the same direction and practicing, they will get the sound they want… looking forward for new recordings. Recommended. [Band request]

Old Fuck – Old Fuck

Origin: United States
Year: 2012
Genre: Doom metal | Hardcore | Noise | SludgeTracks: 4
Label: Unsigned
Old Fuck comes from Chicago, IL and is formed by current members from Ittö, My Dads and The Para-Medics. Old Fuck doesn’t sound like their side projects,  this is some dirty and nasty doom metal/sludge… heavy as fuck, if this had better recordings it’ll sounds much better, listen to them and judge for yourself. Recommended.   

Wreck And Reference – No Youth

Origin: United States
Year: 2012
Genre: Black metal | Experimental | Noise | Sludge 
Tracks: 10
Label: ?
“Demo is an abbreviation for demonstration and Wreck & Reference’s Black Cassette demo last year was a clear demonstration of intent – of what this California band was capable of. Now the band have created No Youth, a new LP that sits somewhere in the nether between gothic post-punk darkness, noise and ambient shadow, and epic metallic majesty with elements of black metal and hardcore, Wreck and Reference occupy a unique space on No Youth. Bauhaus-ian moments meet with Swans style dirge-and-purge and evolve into shoegaze-y black metal in a wholly cohesive manner; check out the wild trip for yourself.” -BrooklynVegan
[Band request]

Words – Words Ep

Origin: Mexico
Year: 2012
Genre: Crust | Punk | Sludge
Tracks: 7
Label: Unsigned
“This is another brilliant Crust Punk/Sludge Metal release that doesn’t outstay it’s welcome. Its actually the right length to show this bands talent for writing superb top-notch Sludge Metal riffs. The riffs are played fast and furious and to precision at times as well. Some songs are only on for 2 mins or so but they still pack a hard hitting Sludge Metal punch. Especially on tracks like “When Civilisation is No Longer Enough” and “Liagonemerte”.” from Sludgelord.[Band request]

Verdun – The Cosmic Escape Of Admiral Masuka

Origin: France 
Year: 2012
Genre: Doom Metal | Sludge
Tracks: 3
Label: Head Records | Throatruiner Records 
Get a copy here[Cd] & here[Tape] 
“Named after the most inhuman battle in the First World War, VERDUN (Montpellier – France) are one of those bands that are hard to label, merging the lines between sludge/doom and slowed-down dark hardcore. Heavy and dry riffing, neck-breaking groove, incantatory vocals and a strong psychedelic feel, that’s what you can expect from the half-hour of their debut EP “The Cosmic Escape Of Admiral Masuka”. Carrying a strong live reputation, VERDUN is definitely one of those bands to watch for any fan of Burning Witch, Electric Wizard, or Amenra; and by extension anything dark and crushing.” Throatruiner Records. Once again a new french band builds up an amazing ep and i hope this year they show us a full length or another record, give this a listen, i’m pretty sure you will enjoy their 30 mints ep. You can get the cd version released by Head Records and  99 hand-numbered tapes released by Throatruiner Records, act fast before they are gone. Highly Recommended.

Royal Talons – Royal Talons

Origin: United States
Year: 2012
Genre: Doom | Sludge | Stoner Metal
Tracks: 5
Handshake Inc.
Get a copy here.

Days ago found this album, today after coming from work this is what receive me, after a long stressed day. Royal Talons is like the hashish of stoner metal, all the thc is concentrated here… they are a three piece band from Denver, Co. and these guys know how to do down-tuned and drepesing tunes with a psychedelic  touch, skip this wannabe review and start listen this, highly recommended.


Home Compilation Volume 1: German Artists

Origin: German
Year: 2011
Genre: Ambient | Drone | Post-Rock | Sludge
Buy: No buy option
Thanks a lot to Dimitrios for share this V.A. This compilation has been released on two parts, all the bands inside this gem comes from germany and definetly let you know there’s a lot of good bands. 15 bands, 15 songs in about 2 hours… if you want to listen new things, you should really get into this. Highly Recommended.


Imbroglio – Sleep Deprivation

Origin: United States
Year: 2011 
Genre: Mathcore | Hardcore | Sludge
Tracks: 9
Label: The Path less Traveled Records
Buy: Here
I’m going to do this quick, it’s almost work time and i’m still here. Imbroglio was founded in 2007 in Dayton, OH and in 2008 decided to relocate to Syracuse, NY to get away from small-town life and expand their audience, but one of them couldn’t make the change. Technical riffs and chaotic beats is what you get in this album, definitely worth to check out, fans of Pig Destroyer, Converge, Gaza or even Neurosis. Highly Recommended.


Sorry to all those bands who has send messages before, but sometimes it’s hard to be in all and post every time i want. This is the first megapost, easier way to post all the requests.
At The Heart of The Wolrd/Quills Split

Origin: United States
Year: 2011
Genre: Grindcore | Hardcore | Noise | Sludge | 
Tracks: 7
Label: Self Released
Buy: Here

State Lines | Hoffman Manor

Origin: United States
Year: 2011
Genre: Indie | Punk
Tracks: 10 
Label: Meadowbrook Records
Buy: Here

These Branches | The Payoff

Origin: United States
Year: 2011
Genre: Indie | Post-Hardcore | Punk
Tracks: 4
Label: Kat Kat Records
Buy: Here
Reservoir | Into Endings 

Origin: United States
Year: 2011
Genre: Emo | Post-Hardcore | Punk
Tracks:  3
Label: Upside Down Records
Buy: Here

Haapoja | Hallitsematonta Voimaa

Origin: Finland
Year: 2011
Genre: Hardcore | Metal
Label: Unsigned
Buy: Here

Brut | Brut

Origin: United States
Year: 2011
Genre: Crust | Hardcore | Sludge
Tracks: 12
Label: Unsigned
Buy: Here 
More will come soon.