Bait – Cursed Among Saints


Bait es una banda de Würzburg/ Bad Kissingen, Alemania y esta formada por Nico (vocals), David (guitars), Alex (drums), Simon (bass guitar). Los miembros vienen de diferentes escenas musicales. Empezaron a grabar el ep a mediados del año pasado, y su debut como banda, fue en octubre del año pasado, asi que aun son desconocidos por los amantes del hardcore oscuro, aunque han compartido escenario con bandas como No Omega, Depravation, Jungbluth y Deathrite.

Con la introducción previa a Bait, se sabe de donde vienen y tal, pero eso no es suficiente para llamar la atención, ya que lo mas importante es su sonido. Cursed Among Saints tiene 5 canciones y una duración aproximada de 17 minutos, el ep inicia con la canción que lleva el mismo nombre del album, sin interludios o un riff que asciende hasta el comienzo de todos los instrumentos, nada de eso, van directos desde un principio, hardcore metallico, oscuro y blast beats en algunas partes. Bitternes es la canción mas melódica que tiene el ep, la banda experimenta otra parte del hardcore, sin dejar de sonar oscuro y violento, asi se mantiene toda esta cancion hasta que cambia a Sermon, que abre con unos blast beats y ponen el ambiente tenso, una canción de 2:38 llena de blast beats que culminan en riffs atmosféricos, sin dejar los gritos a un lado. Blindfolded la penúltima canción y la que deja ver algunas influencias post-metal/sludge, creo que esta canción, es sin duda en donde exponen la técnica y su habilidad creativa como banda, esta canción es mi favorita, sin duda. Y el ep termina con un interludio titulado Leviathan, pareciera mas una canción de folk/blues al estilo de Steve von till, instrumental.

Para ser sus primeras grabaciones, tuvieron un buen comienzo y si siguen en la misma linea, ensayando y tocando mas como banda, no dudo que puedan hacer grandes cosas en un futuro, pero eso aun no esta escrito y solo queda esperar. Este ep sale el 24 de enero y es editado  por el sello alemán Woodhammer Entertainment y Savrvs Brothers de Hungría.

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Let It Die – Let It Die 7¨

Origin: United Kingdom

Genre: Dark  Metallic Hardcore / Punk

Label: Church of Fuck | Dead Chemists Records | Moshtache Records

This record will blow you away if you are looking for fresh dark hardcore sounding metallic/trash and everything that makes music dirty, angry and filth. Let It Die are the providers of that fresh music i’m talking about, their demo from last year catch the attention from many of us who love this kind of sound, they were compare with bands like Cursed, Nails and  Black Breath, even if their recordings doesn’t sound like the actuals, they reach some listeners around the world, even Southern Lord put an eye on this band and actually they were going to release this 7¨.

This self-titled 7¨ contains six songs that clocks around 12 minutes, building epic tunes that can’t hear just once cause its fucking addictive, definitely for fans of Black Breath, Nails or even All Pigs Must Die. The complete record can be streamed at bandcamp and you can buy a digital copy for  ₤3 or buy a physical record for ₤4 through Dead Chemists or Moshtache. Highly recommended.

Witch Hunter Records – Knife Crimes | Reparation | Old Wounds

Witch Hunter Records share with us 3 new records and i will start with Knife Crimes, a four-piece band from Manchester, their music is full of bile-filled and spiteful metallic hardcore, mixing up down-tempo, mosh and crust parts. This is ugly music with passionate vocals, that can barely contain its own rage.  It was received positively, and has hailed comparisons to Cursed, American Nightmare or Rise And Fall. Interesting project you should listen but don’t expect new music from the band, Knife Crimes has end. This is their complete discography.
Reparation – Guidance & Hallucinations

Hailing from the West Midlands in the UK, birthplace of the riff and all things heavy, Reparation unleash 6 tracks of crushing and nihilistic down-tempo hardcore. This EP melds tar-like Crowbar riffs with a visceral hardcore flourish, that will leave you feeling like you’ve been hit by a steamroller. For fans of Desolated, Last Witness and Brutality Will Prevail. 
Old Wounds – II
Spearheading a throng of new hardcore bands that are intent on pushing the boundaries, New Jersey’s Old Wounds are a vicious and feral beast. Blurring the edges between genres, they fuse the razor edge of metal, the suffocating grooves of sludge and the frantic pace of hardcore and come up with something of their own entirely. Imagine if you took Converge’s forward thinking brutality, the blackened throb of Cursed and the desperate, acidic bite of Full Of Hell and you’re almost there. Throwing more ideas into one song than some bands pull off over a whole record, these 3 tracks clock in at just under 6 minutes and serve as a taster for their long awaited full length “From Where We Came Is Where We’ll Rest” due out November 2012 on Glory Kid.  Limited to !00 copies.

Dredd – Recurring Nightmare

Dredd´s new ep is here, ¨Recurrind Nightmare¨ is going to be released as tape on Downside Records this november. meanwhile you can go to bandcamp and download this for free.
Probably you can think this is other  blackened hardcore/crust/sludge band but once you start listening your perception changes and is easy   to like what the band has done with this new record. All starts with a dronnig riff thats goes heavier and another guitar comes with feedback and everything is taking shape, a dark/metallic hardcore full of feedbacks, start-stops and blast beats. If you are seeking for something fresh in the genre you should give a listen to this four track ep. Highly recommended,