Holy – Seclusion MMXIV

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  Nuevo ep de Holy editado por Adagio 830 en Europa y Vitriol en USA. El año pasado se embarcaron en una gira por la costa oeste americana en la que incluyeron una fecha en México, por ende Tijuana tuvo oportunidad de verlos en vivo. La gira promocionaba The Age of Collapse, álbum debut de la banda que sembró semillas en miles de personas y al paso del tiempo germinaron, tanto Americanos como Europeos, quedaron enganchados por Holy.

Seclusion MMXIV cumple y revesa mis expectativas, aunque es solo un ep de 5 canciones, existe la opción replay para escucharlo por horas y días hasta reventar los tímpanos. Estas grabaciones te enganchan desde la primera escucha y en sonido no difieren mucho a lo que hicieron en The Age of Collapse, siguen con ese sonido hardcore/punk sucio y rápido con influencias d-beat bien marcadas.

Las canciones oscilan entre un minuto y minuto y medio, entregas cortas pero muy adictivas con liricas interesantes. Un ejemplo perfecto de esto seria “In The Dirt”, marca el minuto exacto pero el mensaje que deja hace pensar por mas tiempo, aqui la letra: “Walk the same mile everyday, Barefoot in the dirt,  Ready to die, everyday,  until you die and then die and die again. War has been declared, was has begun, war will never end. Let the poor kill the poor. Let the poor eat the poor.” .

¿Canciones favoritas? Todas. Este ep es la horca que te sacudirá de pies a cabeza en segundos. Altamente recomendado.

Requests from bands vol.4

Nerves – Nerves

These guys comes from Minneapolis, Minnesota and their debut ep was released a few weeks ago. If you are into bands like Converge, Botch or The Dillinger Escape Plan, you really need to listen this band. Highly recommended.

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   Holy – The Age of Collapse

HOLY fuck, these italians are back with a new lp released through the german label Adagio 830. This is the follow up from their self-titled 12 inch released on Hell, Yes!… the result of  their fourteen new tracks is devastating, they continue in the same line of black hardcore/punk with hints of crust/powerviolence and political lyrics. If you are into Trash Talk, Punch or DNF, you should definetely give a listen to this band, highly recommended.

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Revengeance – Complacent  Complacency

Revengeance is a five piece power-violence locomotive. Taking it’s first steps in 2011, and already with three releases under their belts, Revengeance took the punk scene by storm with its unique blend of 80´s hardcore, proto-grindcore and all the cult 90´s power-violence bands, and adding a sprinkle of “fuck off” attitude. In just one year they managed to play all the key Portuguese festivals and support slots for some overseas acts. Expect angry female/male vocals, fast drumming and loud guitars. The band is in its essence a tribute to power-violence. Give it a try or fuck off.

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A Thousand Words – Sinners

After some line up changes and a demo in 2009, the band did several shows in Portugal opening for such hardcore acts like: Shai Hulud, Anchor, Soul Control, No Turning Back, Rise and Fall, For the Glory and Devil in Me to name a few, the band also did some weekends in Spain and an European tour in 2010 to promote their demo.  Drinking influences from bands like Unbroken, Damnation A.D. and Rise and Fall the boys recorded their recent EP in 2012 titled “SINNERS”.

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Romero – Take The Potion

Romero’s first full length has been released on January, thanks to a kickstar campaign the album will be released as vinyl. The cd version can be ordered from their bigcartel page as well as other merch. These folks keep  playing stoner metal full of fuzzy riffages and psychedelics passages, it’s not a total stoner metal record cause  they bring the darkness and heaviness of doom metal which gives to their sound another direction. If you roll into stoner metal or doom metal, Take The Potion is what you need nowadays, highly recommended.

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I´m working on a huge band request post, is the easiest way to finish with all the requests. Have been listening most of the bands requests, some of them will appear soonish, some other not. Thanks for share your music with mvsicasheroin.