Have A Nice Life – Unnatural World


Después de algunos años regresan con álbum nuevo, editado por su propio sello Enemies List, y The Flenser Records, este 4 de febrero, en vinilo y digital. Deathconciousness, el disco debut de la banda y con el cual recibieron una gran aceptación,  sera re-editado por The Flenser, este mismo año.

Unnatural World nos lleva a conocer el lado oscuro y pegajoso del material grabado por esta banda, con menos melodías calmadas y atmosféricas a las que uno esta acostumbrado escuchar. En este álbum, siguen con el mismo shoegaze ruidoso y oscuro, le agregan industrial a la mezcla y algo de post-punk, obviamente con el toque distintivo de la banda. Las voces distorsionadas y limpias, juegan a intercambiar tonos y hacen que las voces  sean otro instrumento poderoso.   Industrial shoegaze (?), quien sabe.

Este álbum esta partido en dos partes y en total son 8 canciones. El lado A es sin duda el mas pegajoso de todo el disco, canciones como “Defenstration Song” -2/4-, es el maximo exponente y si esta canción es dirigida para una persona que se arroja por la ventana, este tiene que ser definitivamente el soundtrack. El lado B, pudiera ser el lado mas ruidoso de todo el disco, hasta que llega la ultima canción “Emptiness Will Eat The Witch”, tiene una duración de casi 9 minutos, donde recrean algo similar a Deathconciousness, sonidos atmosféricos, con cantos que van ascendiendo y creando el clímax perfecto, para terminar con un riff muy emotivo. El hecho de hablar de estas dos canciones, no significa que es lo único bueno del disco, sinceramente han creado una joya musical, que nadie puede dejar ir. Altamente recomendado.

Pre-ordenar/ The Flenser

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Blessings – Bittervatten

Sweden | 2012 |  Serene Records/Dålig Stämning

1. Bittervatten
2. Worms Of The Earth
3. Strings Of Red
4. The Shrine
5. Wormwood Litany
6. Seven Blessings
7. Licking The Hand That Bleeds

Blessings is a swedish power trio based in Gothenburg, formed in 2011 and featuring members of Anchor, Painted Wolves, Scraps Of Tape, Tsukimono and Fä among others. This is their first ep recorded and sounds insane, the tag hardcore/punk for this band  gives the idea of a music pattern, something you clearly note they don’t have. so lets say they play some kind of hardcore influenced by crust/doom/drone/shoegaze, the recordings are full of noise and feedbacks giving a darker sound.

Bittervaten was released on tape through their own label Dålig Stämning and Serene records, such tape is sold out but you can get this for the price you want on their bandcamp. A new 7″ of shorter material is in the works, as well as a longer 30+ min track which will be a separate release sometime in the fall of 2013

Bandcamp | Soundcloud

Achievement House – Heart Anchers

Origin: United States

Genre: Emo / Indie / Shoegaze

Label: Unsigned

Achievement House resides in Fresno, California and their music its something you need to get into this, they released their first ep ¨Volume One¨ last year and i was pretty much into it, a catchy record that reminds me to bands like Sore Eyelids or Moving Mountains, with female vocals that sticks perfectly to the music.

After a year they come back with a new ep that features five tracks, in the same line of their shoegaze mixed with emo/indie rock plus some post-rock  riffs, all together makes a catchy record that can’t be heard only once. ¨Heart Anchers¨ can be downloaded for free, just go to bandcamp and you know the rest. Highly recommended.

Facebook | Bandcamp

We´re All Ghosts – Self titled

Origin: United States
Year: 2012
Genre: Ambient / Post-rock / Shoegaze
Tracks: 5
Label: Unsigned
I´ll start posting requests again, can´t say in upcoming days because what if i don´t do that or don´t have the time, anyway, today this came as request and catches my attention, the ep starts with a combination of both sounds, a shoegazing riff in the back while an emotional riff ascends, it turns emotional and intense the music created, they don´t keep shoegazing all the time, intense post-rock played with a heavy percussion sound, i think the drummer just need to play a bit more heavy at parts, but it doesn´t sound bad, lets see what makes this band in the future, this are their first recordings, would like to hear their next stuff  when is done. Definitely for fans of The Farewell Monument, Giants or EITS. Recommended.

Sore Eyelids – Sore Eyelids

Genre:Emo / Indie / Punk / Shoegaze
Tracks: 10
Label:Fasaden Records | Serene Records
Sore Eyelids comes from Sweden and its a band made by members from Suis La Lune, if you haven’t heard their  old ep (2009) or don’t know who they are, just download this album. It’s mid year and a lot of releases has seen the light, don’t knew this guys were working in a new album till they uploaded a previous track from their upcoming album, since that i’ve been waiting for it and if it was worth the wait. This band lands btw emo/indie/shoegaze with clean vocals, music with deep emotions, love how they manage each influence to sound unique. Highly recommended.

Joy Wants Eternity – The Fog Is Rising

Origin: United States
Year: 2012
Genre: Post-rock / Shoegaze
Tracks: 6
Label: ?
JWE comes from Seattle, Washington and they are active since 2003, this is their second album after five years of silence, only three releases and they have earned a lot of listeners. Instrumental post-rock influenced shoegaze, that’s what you get from this guys and you’ll not be disappointed. Highly recommended.

Colaars – Wood Arsenal

Origin: Ukraine
Year: 2012
Genre: Indie | Math-rock | Shoegaze
Tracks: 5
Label: Unsigned
Discovered this band recently, have put this ep more than two times this sunday,  i really get into it. Their music is experimental, they play danceable and catchy riffs all the time, at times it sounds more like dreamy post-rock meets shoegaze, but that’s just for a few seconds because math-rock have a place in their music. Give them a listen, get a break from all that downtuned and angry hardcore, depression it’s not a life style. Highly recommended. 

Miasme – 5773

Origin: Poland
Year: 2012
Genre: Black metal | Post-rock | Shoegaze
Label: Unsigned
No buy option.
Miasme is a one-man band from Lusatia, Poland. His music is inspired by post-rock, black metal, ambient, sludge, drone, shoegaze, etc. but it does not resemble the trendy “Blackgaze” sound, actually i’m listening the ep while i write/look about Miasme and i’ve to say is an interesting project you should check out if you like post-rock, obviously have the black metal sound at times, but he knows how to do atmospheric sounds with a heavy sound at times. I love when a request from a band surprise me with a new band i really enjoy, highly recommended.

Epic45 – Weathering

Origin: United Kingdom
Year: 2011
Genre: Post-Rock|Shoegaze
Tracks: 11
Label: Norman Records
Buy: Here
Web: Website
Once again Epic45 surprise like the first time i hear them, “Weathering” is now out via Norman Records, i actually don’t need to write an introduction and things like that, i’m pretty pysched with “weathering” and i hope you do the same, a master piece absolutely. Recommended.

Dopamine – Dopamine

Origin: China
Year: 2009
Genre: Black Metal|Post-Rock|Shoegaze
Tracks: 2
Label: Unsigned
Buy: No buy option
Web: Myspace
I get into this thanks to a random suggestion from youtube, to bad it contains just 2 songs and both are instrumental, because what i heard on youtube has vocals and really reminds me to deafheaven, but well, let me introduce you the band. Dopamine is a band from China, they were founded in 2008 by Deng and Jiang, Zhao joined them later in 2009, in their lastfm says this band is about romance, lost and depression…and yes, it’s exactly how this 2 tracks sound. I have to say i’m not familiar with this kind of music, so i can’t say this sound like this or like that, give them a listen, you don’t lose anything and you probably will like them. 


Oh my, oh my… I’m so into GY!BE these days and I went totally nuts when I found this today and I just had to post it! A super intense 2 hour live set video of GY!BE is what we got here! The video quality sucks but hey, really good audio quality (except for when all of the guys are just shredding around)!!! One of the best bands ever, ending their set with my favourite song “Moya”… Found this perfection at PostrockXchange.


1. Introduction

2. Rockets Fall On Rocket Falls

3. Dead Metheny

4. 09-15-00

5. Albanian

6. World Police And Friendly Fire

7. Blaise Bailey Finnegan III

8. Moya

Part I

Part II

Part III

Ioseb – The Ghost Of Thirtythree

Origin: Sweden

Year: 2009

Genre: Post-Rock | Shoegaze

Label: unsigned

Buy: Here

Web: Myspace

Not much words needed. One of the best Post-Rock records I’ve ever listened to! Including a member of Suffocate For Fuck Sake. Atmospheric soundscapes and the most beautiful Post-Rock with samples of people talking like on SFFS’s “Blazing Fires…”. You really don’t wanna miss this masterpiece! Highly recommended!


1. (Prologue) 1st Movement; The Declaration

2. C/O Night (Der Nacht Sang Aus Zarathrustra)

3. The Ghost Of 33/The Liberation Of Paris

4. When The Bomb Hits The House Next Door

5. The Planes Above

6. The Sea Et Al/2nd Movement

7. (Epilogue) 3rd Movement/The Air Raids Of Helsinki

8. Moment 22


Brother/Ghost – Black Ice

Origin: Austin, Tx
Year: 2009
Genre: Post-Rock|Shoegaze
Label: Shelsmusic
Buy: Here
Web: Myspace
So when you think post-rock is boring cause all the bands sounds similar, you just find a great band and rediscover how was that feeling of listening a great record. Brother/Ghost has done a great ep, a long trip you can’t let go, it’s amazing how they play with post-rock,shoegaze,voices,samplers…it sounds perfect for a rainy day with a coffe and a cigarrete. Chill out with this gem and rediscover yourself again.


1.Black Ice


3.Touch Something and Say Dead

4.Baby Sharks Pt. One

5.Baby Sharks Pt. Two

6.Black Ice Reprise

Thinking Machines – Work Tapes

Year: 2010
Origin: Philadelphia,PA.
Genre: Indie, Shoegaze
Label: TMvFM
Buy: Here
Web: Myspace
Nuevo album de estos tipasos, si aun no los conoces estas a tiempo de hacerlo. Canciones bastante pegajosas y shoegaeseras, la verdad es que ya de hace tiempo vienen haciendo algo bueno estos chicos y con este nuevo album, bueno, dejan ver de que estan hechos. Se me hace raro escuchar una banda de Filadelfia que no sea de screamo, hardcore o esas cosas que se dan bien por esos lados, la verdad que deberias de escucharlo.


1.Dynamic Shields

2.Never Reach Us Now



5.Pays to Know




9.Work Tapes