Have A Nice Life – Unnatural World


Después de algunos años regresan con álbum nuevo, editado por su propio sello Enemies List, y The Flenser Records, este 4 de febrero, en vinilo y digital. Deathconciousness, el disco debut de la banda y con el cual recibieron una gran aceptación,  sera re-editado por The Flenser, este mismo año.

Unnatural World nos lleva a conocer el lado oscuro y pegajoso del material grabado por esta banda, con menos melodías calmadas y atmosféricas a las que uno esta acostumbrado escuchar. En este álbum, siguen con el mismo shoegaze ruidoso y oscuro, le agregan industrial a la mezcla y algo de post-punk, obviamente con el toque distintivo de la banda. Las voces distorsionadas y limpias, juegan a intercambiar tonos y hacen que las voces  sean otro instrumento poderoso.   Industrial shoegaze (?), quien sabe.

Este álbum esta partido en dos partes y en total son 8 canciones. El lado A es sin duda el mas pegajoso de todo el disco, canciones como “Defenstration Song” -2/4-, es el maximo exponente y si esta canción es dirigida para una persona que se arroja por la ventana, este tiene que ser definitivamente el soundtrack. El lado B, pudiera ser el lado mas ruidoso de todo el disco, hasta que llega la ultima canción “Emptiness Will Eat The Witch”, tiene una duración de casi 9 minutos, donde recrean algo similar a Deathconciousness, sonidos atmosféricos, con cantos que van ascendiendo y creando el clímax perfecto, para terminar con un riff muy emotivo. El hecho de hablar de estas dos canciones, no significa que es lo único bueno del disco, sinceramente han creado una joya musical, que nadie puede dejar ir. Altamente recomendado.

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Another bash of band requests


HANDLINGNOISE was founded in Helsinki, Finland as an ambient/noise –project in 2007. It was started for a one-off performance at a club for experimental music. Shortly after the concert we were joined by a drummer, which opened up a load of new possibilities. Due to our different musical backgrounds and influences that range from minimal electronic music to metal our own style became very multifaceted.

We wanted to develop a distinctive sound also from the production point of view, so we started recording material on our own in 2008. In the beginning we did this at training spaces and summer cottages using our own and some borrowed equipment. As the project evolved and we realized that these recordings were growing into an album, we also went to record in a studio. We finished work on our debut album in the spring of 2012 and it was mastered by Harris Newman at Greymarket Mastering, Montreal, Canada.

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Black Mass – Of First and Last Things

Black Mass is a four piece band from Leeds, UK, their music flows into the most evil death-metal/grindcore rolled into hardcore/ crust mix, seriously one of the most heaviest and obscure band  you are able to find nowadays. This record contains re-recordings of their complete discography. Shows and new tunes will come pretty soon, keep an eye with this band and if you have the chance to see them live, don’t miss them. Recommended.

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Quiet Arcs – I’ve Been Feeling Kind Of Temporary

I’ve Been Feeling Kind of Temporary is the new self-released 7″ from Quiet Arcs. This sonically assaulting EP is the most refined blend of this Philadelphia-area band’s signature mix of aggressive hardcore and contemplative art rock. This is a limited pressing of 200 copies on black vinyl.

For fans of Ink & Dagger, Sonic Youth, and Drive Like Jehu.

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Things Fall Apart/Vowel/City of Ifa/Light Black – 4 way split

Here’s a four way split you should check if you like post-hardcore infected of screamo and post-rock. 300 copies were released by the independent uk label Enjoeyment Records. Listen/Download and Buy the record from this bandcamp.

Flawless – Winter Tour Tape

Flawless is a 4-piece post-hardcore band from Springfield, Missouri. A relatively young band, their debut 5-song EP, ‘Something I’ll Never Miss’, was self-recorded and released on December 17, 2011 through OurBlock Records. Influenced by & in vein of 90’s bands such as Jawbreaker, American Football, & Nirvana, the band is best known for their DIY ethics, sporadic dynamics, and energetic house shows. Vocalist & guitarist Ian Keiser (18), guitarist Ethan Hollingshad (21), drummer Alex Harris (19), and bassist Jason Nunn (20) are currently finishing up their first full-length, which will feature both songs on side A of their Winter Tour Tape

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Stellar Young-Everything At Once

People are going to download your music one way or another, so why not give them the highest quality download with the option to pay?” says Erik Flora (guitar/vocals). Erik goes on to explain that free downloads with the option to pay is the direction the music industry has headed. Bands such as Radiohead and Wilco have paved the road for this movement. “Since the digital release is basically free we wanted to add some value to the physical release” explains John Glenn. The physical release of Everything at Once contains musical interludes as well as a booklet with illustrations by Amanda Marie Eilis King (of AMEK Studios). “This album is more of a cohesive thought than what we’ve done in the past” says Dave Parker. “By using a centralized theme, we aimed to create an experience when you listen to the whole album front to back which has also been the movement in our live show.” The physical album will be released in early January, 2013.

Everything at Once was mostly tracked in the band’s apartment and produced by Dave Parker just like their last release Madison. However, this time the drums were recorded at Applehead Studios in Woodstock, NY and all of the tracks were mixed by Michael Birnbaum and Chris Bittner. Michael and Chris are known for producing bands like Straylight Run, Coheed and Cambria, The Sleeping, and many more. Stellar Young is a prime example of the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) band. Between independently releasing Everything at Once, successfully raising funds on Kickstarter for a mini shuttle bus, releasing/recording their sophomore album Madison, hard work and dedication would be the best way to describe their music.

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Gummidge – Sick Again

Gummidge is an Irish three piece band formed by people from Trenches, Easpa Measa and Only Fumes and Corpses, this new project doesn’t sound like their past crusty/hardcore projects, they do a blend of post-punk similar to bands like  Shellac, Young Widows, Gods and Queens, etc. So if you’re seeking for something new in the genre, give a listen to this guys, recommended.

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Reivers – Sympathetic Shock

REIVERS are members of GRAF ORLOCK and NEGATIVE STANDARDS ; this is their debut LP after releasing a 7″ on vitriol records in 2011 ; Female fronted hardcore in the vein of Suicide File and other rocky-hardcore styles. to be honest,it has a slightly touch of a PUNCH influence as well … so raging, political hardcore.

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Early Mammal – Demon or Saint? 

Early Mammal started on February 1st 2012 in an old butter factory in Camberwell, South London, called Dropout (London’s true home of sludge and noise). Formed by Rob Herian (ex-Elks http://www.heavyplanet.net/2011/10/new-band-to-burn-one-to-elks.html) on guitar and vocals, Ben Davies (ex-85 Bears) on drums, and with the prog-stylings of Turkish born Deniz Belendir on organ and synths, the band spent hours jamming heavy blues, space-rock and psyche with the likes of Captain Beefheart, High Rise, White Hills and Hawkwind on the brain, and in September 2012 finally finished recording their first album, Horror at Pleasure, which is looking for a 2013 release.
It’s head-down-rock; it’s fuzzed-out and heavy. But there’s also something wrong in the story. That’s what the last few months have created in Early Mammal and that’s what you get. That’s what we all get because there’s something not right about any of us, anywhere. All our stories are fucked. Early Mammal is coming from somewhere else. It’s expected and it’s telling you something.

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More requests to come soon, i’m still doing the selection of bands that deserves an space on this blog, if you send your requests months ago, don’t worry, if i like what i hear it will appear. Thanks to all of you who send their stuff to this blog. Edgar.

Bleeding Fractals – The Dim Orange Lights

Origin: United States
Year: 2012
Genre: Math-rock / Post-punk / Post-Hardcore
Tracks: 5
Label: Unsigned
This band goes from a emo/punk to mathy post-hardcore, they come from Philadelphia and you should give them a listen!. It’s not their first release but is the first time i listen this band, if you are into those genres, jump to their bandcamp and start listen to this. Recommended.[Band request]

Dios Trio – High On Bikes

Origin: United States
Year: 2011
Genre: Math-Rock|Post-Punk|Post-Rock
Tracks: 8
Label: Unsigned
Buy: Here
Ok, so, time ago these guys make a request but thanks to my laziness, stress, work, smoke sessions, etc, i forget this and sorry for that guys. Dios Trio is a band from Westborough, MA formed by four dudes (originally they were three), they play math-rock with hints of post-rock and you can clearly hear some post-punk too, i honestly never heard before about them, and i’m glad they requested this because i would never find it just searching the term “Intesresting stuff” in Bandcamp, ha. So, go to their bandcamp and download their stuff before the free downloads ends… can’t think in similar bands, but give this a listen, highly recommended

Neur – Demo

Origin: USA
Year: 2010
Genre: Post-Punk|Math-Rock
Tracks: 6
Label: Unsigned 
Buy: Here
Fuck, i just release how many requests i have left, sorry if you have send a request and haven’t been posted. Neur is a band from New Brunswick, NJ, these guys released their demo in December 2010. Enjoy![Band Request]

Lavis Blake – Glue

Origin: Philadelphia, USA
Year: 2011
Genre: Post-Hardcore|Post-Punk|Indie
Tracks: 3
Label: Unsigned
Buy: Here
Something different for today, these guys are from philly and they play catchy/mellow tunes with a variety of sounds, from a melodic post-hardcore to a catchy indie with a great vocalist. I actually discover Lavis Blake today and i have been listening this record all the afternoon, so take a few minutes and take a listen!. Recommended

You’ll Live – Things Would Change If You Heard This

Origin: United States

Year: 2011

Genre: Emo|Indie|Post-Punk

Label: Self Released

Buy: Here

Web: Facebook|Bandcamp

More good stuff from the inbox, this time it’s a band from Florida who plays some really good emo/post-punky, like nowadays bands use to do it. This is their newest and first Ep, 5 tracks of melow melodies with a heartbreaking voice and sometimes it sounds really catchy. If you like bands like Snowing, Hightide Hotel or Castevet are going to love this. Really recommended. Enjoy!


1.Just Some Broken Glass   

2.If Only You Knew   


4.Lost in the Tide   

5.High Fives for Victor


L’Amo – Self Titled Ep

Origin: Italy

Year: 2010

Genre: Indie|Post-Punk

Label: Fallo Dischi

Buy: Here


Thanks to an email i found this danceable record. Contains 5 tracks played in 6 minutes, i can’t say this sound like a band or something because it’s like a new sound to me. These dudes incorporates a synth to their catchy riffs, also the drums sounds pretty sick. Like i say it before this sound is new to me but i really recommend you this for dance in a saturday with hangover trying to remember what happens yesterday, word. Highly Recommended.


1.Dura la vita del superdotato


3.Quello che

4.Sulla svirilizzazione di Quagliarella

5.Sembrave facil

Diamants – Stage I Lives IV EP

Origin: Australia
Year: 2010
Genre: Post-Hardcore|Post-Punk
Label: Self Released
Buy: Here
Web: Myspace 
Woah today i get surprised by these dudes from Australia, they play some kind of post-hardcore/post-punk pretty fresh,unique and overall emotional. Sometimes reminds me to Sinaloa or Daniel Striped Tiger, those who gives all on each song,  so, you just get an idea of how good this band can be. But, you should really hear this and get your own conclusion, i just get in love with these kids. This is not a download link, but, you are able to hear the whole ep and download 2 songs, if you have the money you should buy this gem. Thanks to the band for send me this and support them. Highly Recommended, Enjoy!
3.Cornered In   
4.Scamper, Sampras   

Distanti – Enciclopedia Popolare Della vita Quotidiana

Origin: Italy

Year: 2010

Genre: Emo|Indie|Post-Punk

Label: Triste Records

Buy: Here

Web: Myspace
New output from other italians!, like i say it below, italians do it better?…this lp continues the line of their debut ep, catchy tunes for dance, an instrumental tune to cry and songs from their ep to remember how good they are. Their work is summed up in 10 songs who are about 20 minutes of good music, i don’t know if it’s already released or not, i just got a message with the link to their new material and i was totally excited, you know like that feeling of a new toy or a new girl or whatever you get excited with. If you don’t know this band yet, dude seriously, get this shit now. Other thing, they are going to play at Sons Of Vesta Fest 6(Firenze,Italy) this 19 November/20 November so if you have a chance to go, be there! i wish i has your lucky.


1.Ad Azione



4.Limonare Duro

5.Appunti Per Una Stagione Virtuosa

6.Appunti Per Una Amica


8.Quasi Come Mosca


10.Ingenuita Dei Lettori E Delle Lettere


Pile – Magic Isn’t Real

Origin: Boston,MA

Year: 2010

Genre: Indie|Post-Hardcore|Post-Punk|Stoner Rock

Label: Unsigned?

Buy: Here

Web: Myspace
I get into this band thanks to a random guy who post me this on lastfm like a month ago, thank god he did it, this is what you are looking for…something really unique and fresh who comes to kick your nuts. Pile incorporates many styles to create this gem, going from post-punk/indie sound to a downer stoner rock to trip out, but, their mainly sound is post-hardcore. “Magic Isn’t Real” is for sure something you will keep in your head for a long time, it’s pretty damn catchy. So, don’t waste your time looking for something new…IT’S IN YOUR FACE RIGHT NOW. I think the drummer comes from This Flood Covers The Earth. Highly Recommended.


1.Uncle Jill   

2.Came As A Glow   



5.Number One Hit Single   

6.Two Snakes   


8.Away In A Rainbow!   

9.Don’t Touch Anything   

10.Sweat Lodge


Distanti – Ep

Year: 2010
Genre: Emo, Post-Punk
Label: Triste Records
Buy: Here
Web: Myspace
Distanti fue formada en algun pueblito de Italia, por diversion aplatastaban tomates todo el dia sin saber que ese era su trabajo. Parece que ultimamente ha habido una olita de este post-punk medio emo por aquellos lados. Este Ep parece ser su debut y vaya que debut, esta muy bien grabado y suena perfecto, no se por que pienso que estos tipos tiene que ver algo con La Quiete por que su ultimo album suena similar a esto. De principio a fin te entretienen estos mafiosos con sus riffs bailables y una voz cantada/gritada que le funciona de maravilla, no soy muy bueno comparando bandas asi que solo te digo que le des una probada haber si te va este rollito.


1. Premessa

2. Limonare Duro

3. Giorni D’Ansia

4. Forsennati

5. Abitacoli

6. Poi Un’Altra Storia