Dangers – Five O’Clock Shadows at the Edge of the Western World

dangersDespués del álbum mítico Messy, Isn’t it?, Dangers no saco material nuevo y parecía quedarse por tiempo indefinido en un túnel oscuro, sin luz al final. Después de cuatro años, logran salir de este túnel, trayendo con ellos un nuevo ep que consta de 6 canciones. Aun les falta quitarse las telarañas y polvo que pueden tener por estar guardados por tanto tiempo. Al pasar todo este tiempo, no esperen el sonido que lograron en grabaciones pasadas, por que ya no regresara. Estas grabaciones marcan la pauta, de lo escrito a lo que están por escribir. En este nuevo camino tomado, se expanden a otros terrenos musicales. Suenan con la misma energía que antes, solo les falta perfilar mas el sonido y seguramente en las próximas grabaciones ya estará mas definido el nuevo sonido de Dangers. Dejando las cosas claras, es momento de elegir y juzgar por tu cuenta. Recomendado.



Comprar/Vitriol Records

Ruined Families – Blank Language

 Ruined Families, a hardcore band from Greece highly influenced by the situation in their country. Formed in 2010 and the same year they released their debut album ¨Four Wall Freedom¨ which sounds different from what they do now days, the aggressive sound has gone, but they found their way to keep spreading hate through a more melodic way, you´ll hear from screamo to hardcore to post-hardcore to post-wathever black metal, once you start listening ¨Black Language¨their music keeps  you moving, head banging, dancing or whatever you desire, never turns boring.

If you are looking for something new in hardcore, here it is, just go to their Bandcamp and listen the complete stuff, there’s also a like to buy the record  from Adagio 830.

Bandcamp | Facebook

Jungbluth – S/T Tape

Origin: Germany
Genre: Crust / Hardcore / Punk
Label: Self-Released 

Jungbluth is a three piece band coming from Münster, Germany and the band have members of Alpinist, since they are taking a break i guess some members want to keep playing and do the things they like, so, as you hear the complete tape you know these guys are creating something really fresh, its hardcore as it best with strong lyrics, filled tons of feedbacks and parts to head-bang, seriously get into this guys.
If you are into bands like Birds In Row, Perth Express and obviously Alpinist, take a listen to this tape, you can just go to bandcamp and download this for free, to buy a tape send a message to  jungbluthpunx[at]gmx[dot]de. Highly recommended.

A Bridge Too Many – Weights 7"

Origin: France
Year: 2009
Genre: Hardcore|Punk
Tracks: 4
Label: Distorted Charly Brown Records
Buy: Here
Web: Myspace
“Just got this in my email as a request and I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised by what I heard. A Bridge Too Far are a French hardcore band who play a great style of hardcore similar to bands such as Bracewar, Paint It Black, Kid Dynamite, Give Up The Ghost, and The Suicide File. I wish more bands took the melodic route that blurs the line between hardcore and punk. A great 7″ from a promising French band” Taken from Elementary Revolt. They will be touring with Birds In Row this july, they still need help, if you now someone who can help them send them a message to: birdsinrow@gmail.com.[Band Request]
Jul 09 – HELP (Switzerland?)
Jul 20 – HELP Stuttgart/Munchen, DE?)
Jul 21 – HELP (Nuremberg, DE/Austria?)
Jul 22 – hanging out at Fluff fest
Jul 23 – hanging out at Fluff fest
Jul 24 – HELP (Berlin, DE?)
Jul 25 – HELP (Hamburg, DE?)
Jul 26 – HELP (Copenhagen, DK?)
Jul 27 – Gothenburg, SW
Jul 28 – HELP (Oslo, NG?)
Jul 29 – HELP (Orebro, SW?)
Jul 30 – HELP (Stockholm, SW?)
Jul 31 – HELP (Linköping, SW?)
Jul 01 – HELP (Malmö, SW?)
Jul 02 – HELP (Germany?)
Jul 03 – HELP (Belgium/Netherlands?) 

Ruined Tongue – Live At Texas Toast Haus

Origin: United States
Year: 2011
Genre: Hardcore|Punk
Tracks: 11
Label: Self Released
Buy: Here
Formed in 2008, Ruined Tongue is a mixed punk and hardcore act from Las Vegas.  Originally started as a melodic hardcore band, they have since branched off, finding their own unique sound.   Constantly evolving, this band does not stay still for long. For fans of Skin Like Iron, Deadhead, Rotting Out, Ceremony, Black Flag.[Band Request]

Heartless – Self Titled 7"

Origin: United States
Year: 2010
Genre: Dark Hardcore|Hardcore Punk
Tracks: 5
Label: Self Released
Buy: Here
Web: Bandcamp|Blog

Heartless is band from Pittsburgh,PA who features one member from Masakari, but it doesn’t matter if they come from other bands, the main fact is how Heartless sound and what they are doing. 5 tracks of aggressive hardcore like it has to be…loud, angry and 110% fucking heavy. Support the band by buying this 7″, go to their blog for more info.Highly Recommended.[Band Request]


[Photo by Tanner Douglass]

Lord Green – Last Demo

Origin: United States

Year: 2011

Genre: Hardcore Punk|Stoner Metal

Tracks: 8

Label: Fan The Flames Records

Buy: Here

Web: Myspace|Website

Another request from Fan The Flames, i have to say this sound kind of unique…imagine like a hardcore punk band with a sampler of smoking weed and sometimes drop stoner riffs here and there, nice, right?. Lord Green is a Illinois based band who recently arrived from buying medical weed, so if you are looking for something fresh, unique, stoner and faster, here it’s.Highly Recommended.[Label Request]