Have A Nice Life – Unnatural World


Después de algunos años regresan con álbum nuevo, editado por su propio sello Enemies List, y The Flenser Records, este 4 de febrero, en vinilo y digital. Deathconciousness, el disco debut de la banda y con el cual recibieron una gran aceptación,  sera re-editado por The Flenser, este mismo año.

Unnatural World nos lleva a conocer el lado oscuro y pegajoso del material grabado por esta banda, con menos melodías calmadas y atmosféricas a las que uno esta acostumbrado escuchar. En este álbum, siguen con el mismo shoegaze ruidoso y oscuro, le agregan industrial a la mezcla y algo de post-punk, obviamente con el toque distintivo de la banda. Las voces distorsionadas y limpias, juegan a intercambiar tonos y hacen que las voces  sean otro instrumento poderoso.   Industrial shoegaze (?), quien sabe.

Este álbum esta partido en dos partes y en total son 8 canciones. El lado A es sin duda el mas pegajoso de todo el disco, canciones como “Defenstration Song” -2/4-, es el maximo exponente y si esta canción es dirigida para una persona que se arroja por la ventana, este tiene que ser definitivamente el soundtrack. El lado B, pudiera ser el lado mas ruidoso de todo el disco, hasta que llega la ultima canción “Emptiness Will Eat The Witch”, tiene una duración de casi 9 minutos, donde recrean algo similar a Deathconciousness, sonidos atmosféricos, con cantos que van ascendiendo y creando el clímax perfecto, para terminar con un riff muy emotivo. El hecho de hablar de estas dos canciones, no significa que es lo único bueno del disco, sinceramente han creado una joya musical, que nadie puede dejar ir. Altamente recomendado.

Pre-ordenar/ The Flenser

Contacto/ Facebook


Huata / Bitcho split

Released by MusicFearSatan on March 22, it comes in clear purple with red and blue streaks with an amazing cover art done by Benjamin Moreau (HUATA).

The split starts with the side of Huata, a french band that have a few years in the doom scene but lately has been more known thanks to their first full length ¨Atavist of Mann¨ released over a year ago.  They contribute two new songs in the same line of occult stoner / doom metal with higher doses of  psychedelics, the band has gain skills to write more creative songs thanks to their live rituals. I´m thinking this is the best exposure of the band so far, if you believe Atavist of Mann was all they can give, that was only the beginning.

In the other side is Bitchot from the southern lowlands, a six-piece band that released their debut album ¨Toybox¨ 4 years ago and since then Bitcho haven´t do any new recordings. If you are new to this band, i´m pretty sure you’ll become a fan of them easily, Drone/Doom Metal very repetitive and loud with psychedelic sounds, voice effects included, all together sounds superb and they can be compared with bands like Cough or Windhand.

Props to the label for put this two bands in the same record and congrats to the bands.

Buy / Listen | Bitcho / Huata

Nonsun – Good Old Evil

Ukraine | 2012 | Self-released 

1. Jesus’ Age
2. Rain Have Mercy
3. Message Of Nihil Carried By The Waves Of The Big Bang
4. Forgotten Is What Never Was

Nonsun is two piece band from Lviv,Ukraine, they were formed around 2011. On december it was released their debut ep which contains four tracks in about 48 minutes. What you’ll find here is a doom metal infected by droning riffs that will make bleed your ears, tracks filled with feedbacks and bluesy riffs at some parts, all this things makes a solid demo, even if there’s a shitload of bands playing as dark as they can these guys have done something more than just play heavy, you need to listen carefully so you can discover hidden sounds. Highly recommended. [Bndrqst]

Bandcamp | Facebook | Mediafire

Blessings – Bittervatten

Sweden | 2012 |  Serene Records/Dålig Stämning

1. Bittervatten
2. Worms Of The Earth
3. Strings Of Red
4. The Shrine
5. Wormwood Litany
6. Seven Blessings
7. Licking The Hand That Bleeds

Blessings is a swedish power trio based in Gothenburg, formed in 2011 and featuring members of Anchor, Painted Wolves, Scraps Of Tape, Tsukimono and Fä among others. This is their first ep recorded and sounds insane, the tag hardcore/punk for this band  gives the idea of a music pattern, something you clearly note they don’t have. so lets say they play some kind of hardcore influenced by crust/doom/drone/shoegaze, the recordings are full of noise and feedbacks giving a darker sound.

Bittervaten was released on tape through their own label Dålig Stämning and Serene records, such tape is sold out but you can get this for the price you want on their bandcamp. A new 7″ of shorter material is in the works, as well as a longer 30+ min track which will be a separate release sometime in the fall of 2013

Bandcamp | Soundcloud

Saåad – Confluences

Origin: France
Genre: Drone
These guys teletransport you to the place that inspired the riginal place, that is what they do, definetely they put you in the place you have to be, listening with attention so you can open the portal this music carries, psychedelic ambient drone or  call it what you want, tags are unnecessary.
Explanation of this release taken from Bandcamp ¨¨Last summer, the festival Toulouse d’Été commissioned Saåad to work on the St-Michel fountain, personification of the confluence of the river Ariège and Garonne. Romain Barbot & Greg Buffier took their recording material to this specific place and gave life to a 20 minutes trip divided in 4 movements. Confluences is lead by field recordings and chanting guitars, showing a new face of the french duo who found the balance point between immensity and intimacy. The tape comes with the B side track ‘Spiritual Dilution’, only composed of field recordings, teleporting you to the place that inspired the original piece.¨. 
The tape is already sold out, they should release more tapes but i think it was intended to be limited to 66 tapes only, so just go to bandcamp and give a proper listen to their complete discography, highly recommended.

Bitcho – Toybox

Origin: Holland
Genre: Drone / Doom / Psychedelic
Label: Unsigned
Found this dutch band today, they come from the southern lowlands and here its their debut album released three years ago and re-released on this year. Nothing new to discover, it´s the same drone sound heavy influenced by doom/psychedelic, creating an atmosphere of torture with this obscure sound. The record is very complete and well executed, it has voice effect, three bass guitars, yes three fucking bass guitars with tons of effects, its hypnotic, monotonous and full of feedback’s. The album is up on bandcamp to stream or buy. For fans of Ufommamut, Conan, Cough or even Om, a must have for those who are seeking for high quality music. Highly recommended.   

Northumbria – S/T

 Bandcamp | Facebook
Origin: Canada
Year: 2012
Genre: Ambient / Drone
Tracks:  5
Label: TQA Records

Northumbria comes from Toronto, Canada and its made by two members of Holoscene, ¨Northumbria create a wall of improvised drones that take the listener on a sonic journey through a dystopian landscape¨, thats what their labels says. The self titled album contains very long tracks, each one runs between the 8 and 12 minutes, long tracks with a wall of sound, they transport you to the saddest and cold days from Canada. The s/t album is already sold out, the only way to buy this is only digital, go here: TQA Records Bandcamp.
Highly recommended.

Break the silence

Year of No Light/Thisquietarmy "Split/Collaboration" Lp

Origin:Canada & France
Genre:Ambient / Doom / Drone 
Tracks: 4
Label:  Destructure Records
“After the release of Ausserwelt, awesome record and critically acclaimed second album by YEAR OF NO LIGHT, we started talking last year with our old friends from Bordeaux about releasing something new from them. We talked about several projects of split and collaborations and eventually all agreed on the idea of sharing a new record with THISQUIETARMY from Montreal, Canada. This record pushes the idea of sharing a record to the extreme. Both sides start with a new song from each band, long songs (approx 12 min) which let both bands enough time to develop their own ambience full of intensity and melodic loops. These new songs are followed by collaboratives drones which prove that these two bands were made to work together and share a record” Destructure.
Year of No Light

Horseback – Half Blood

Origin: United States
Year: 2012
Genre: Drone | Doom | Noise | Psychedelic
Tracks: 7
Label: Relapse Records
“Half Blood is an album that gets more rewarding with every listen. Miller has hidden plenty of noises and outher aural gems for listeners to discover upon repeat listens, and this is a record that you will want to come back to time and time again. It’s a milestone for Jenks Miller, after all his experimenting and collaborating he has come back with a full length that is a genuine adventure, and a record that tells a story from start to finish. I always look forward to new Horseback material, and after hearing Half Blood I know the music will only continue to grow and change, and that experimentation is met with reward.” Cvlt Nation. Recommended.

Bong – Mana-Yood-Sushai

Origin: United Kingdom
Year: 2012
Genre: Drone | Doom Metal | Stoner Ritual
Tracks: 2
Label: Ritual Productions
Get a copy here.

“Mana-Yood-Sushai” is the new record by Bong, a drone/doom metal band coming from UK. Just two songs and 46 minutes in total, really long tracks but they never turn boring, their massive sound hypnotize. I’ve not listen all the records from them, i think i first heard “Gilgamesh Lives” and later “Beyond Ancient Space”, liked both records, no doubt, but the recordings were more dirty, maybe because they wanted to keep sounding loud in the recording… “Mana-Yood-Sushai” recordings sounds sick, it’s more cleaner  and it’s the same stoner ritual drone/doom metal stuff, now you hear more clear the psychedelic passages, love this album, highly recommended.


Home Compilation Volume 1: German Artists

Origin: German
Year: 2011
Genre: Ambient | Drone | Post-Rock | Sludge
Buy: No buy option
Thanks a lot to Dimitrios for share this V.A. This compilation has been released on two parts, all the bands inside this gem comes from germany and definetly let you know there’s a lot of good bands. 15 bands, 15 songs in about 2 hours… if you want to listen new things, you should really get into this. Highly Recommended.


The Body & Braveyoung: Nothing Passes

Origin: United States

Year: 2011
Genre: Drone|Noise|Post-Rock
Label: At A Loss Recordings
Buy: Here
Web: Facebook [TB][BR]

Nothing passes is not a split but a collaboration between The Body and Braveyoung. After playing several shows together the bands entered Providence’s Machines With Magnets early in 2011. The result a layered but cohesive voyage through cavernous, noise-laden tumult and chaos, ethereal horror-soundtrack creepouts and even serene acoustic passages, exploring new styles for both acts while still having elements of ea. bands trademark styles. Additional sonic layers are by the Assembly Of Light Choir and Human Beast!.

The Body

Rorcal – Heliogabalus

Origin: Switzerland

Year: 2010

Genre: Doom|Drone|Sludge

Label: Self Released

Buy: Here


I wanted to post something about Rorcal in this time, but i don’t know what happens, thanks to Bruno[Rorcal] for send my a message who was more like a reminder hehe. So, “Heliogabalus” is their fifth children, a mature song about 70 minutes of pure doom, imagine the most slowly parts from bands like Moss or Switchblade, those deeper landscapes on each second who transport you to a saddest, satanic and sometimes scary moments. This track is such a masterpiece, no doubt. You gotta get this epic song as a cd or as a digital copy, they will not let you down. Highly Recommended.




Horseback – The Invisible Mountain

Origin: United States
Year: 2010
Genre: Drone|Doom Metal|Sludge
Label: Relapse Records
Buy: Here
Web: Myspace

Horseback is the solo project by Jenk Miller, i knew him through this record so all the past stuff he has put out i don’t know how it sounds…but, “Invisible Mountain” give a great impression, is a record i have been listening for months now. He incorporates Drone into some sort of Doom Metal/Sludge whatever you want to call it with a black metl voice [i can’t describe it, but that really give an idea of the vocals], you really have to check this record, 4 tracks in about 40 minutes of intense music. He signs to Relapse Records with “Invisible Mountain” so, that give you an idea of how good this can be. Enjoy!, recommended.

2.Tyrant Symmetry
3.The Invisible Mountain
4.Hatecloud Dissolving Into Nothing


Life In The Dark – The Sunya Is Rising

Origin: United Kingdo[o]m

Year: 2010

Genre: Ambient|Doom|Drone

Label: Self Released

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Web: Bandcamp

Life In The Dark is the solo project by Zen Zsigo [Maths], clearly it seems like his doing something different than Maths. This project always keeps in a dark atmosphere full of sounds, landscapes and a sampler in the begining of a girl talking…it sounds great what this man is doing, but i think it would be better if he shout some screams here and there, that it would make it better. It’s a shame saw in lastfm just 87 listeners, this project should get more attention. Enjoy this two long tracks, i’m going off to the street inspired by this man. Highly Recommended.


1.The Sunya Is Rising

2.Sunshine Feels Alien



Origin: Louisiana, USA
Year: 2005-To Date
Genre: Doom Metal|Drone|Sludge
Matthew Thudium – Guitar (Barghest)
Andy Gibbs – Guitar (We Need to Talk)
Mitch Wells – Bass
Josh Nee – Drums
Bryan Funck – Vocals (Dear Diary I Seem to Be Dead)
Thou starts around 2005 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and during 2005-2007 Bryan and Josh joined them, in 2007 they drop out a 3 songs demos, since that, they have been putting out a lot of splits/ep’s and a few albums through Robotic Empire, Feast Of Tentacles,One Eye Records, Level Plane, Gilead Media,Vendetta, Perpetual Motion Machine, Southern Lords and the list goes on, no doubt they are the most active bands of Doom/Sludge nowadays. Speaking about the sound…what do you expect when i say brutal? well, put that word in your mind each time you hear this band, they have elements from drone, doom, sludge, atmospheric/black metal and the final result sounds sick, sometimes you’ll feel your hard.I really think this band gets better and better on each ep,split, whatever they put out, “Summit” for me, is their best work and probably some of the best albums from 2010, it’s like all their works has been summed up and they drop those 6 bullets directly to your head.
I’ve see them just once and it was one of the best shows i went for long time, they have the same sound live, i don’t know how many songs they played but what i remember so well it was the vocalist, while he’s singing he see you pretty pissed off, i was kinda scared to be true, but, maybe because i was pretty high, anyway, if you have the chance to see them live, don’t miss their big show. For those who know them just because a split or even if you aren’t familiar with the genre, you will not be disappointed by these guys. You can get their stuff via Robotic Empire|Gilead Media|Halo of Flies|Feast of Tentacle|Vendetta 
 Demo [2007]    
Label: Self Released
 1.Fucking Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean
2.With a Cold, Life Extinguishing Elegance
3.I Was Ignored. And Judged. And Cast Down
Tyrant [2007]
Label: One Eye Records
2.With a Cold, Life Extinguishing Elegance
3.Fucking Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean
4.I Was Ignored. And Judged. And Cast Down
6.What Blood Still Flows From These Veins (Tour CDr bonus)
7.Acceptance (Tour CDr bonus)
Thou/Leech [2008]   
Label: Woodsmoke[Tape]|Gilead Media & Vendetta[LP]
2.Here I Stand Head in Hand[Thou]
3.Rats and Mice and Swarms of Lice[Thou]
4.The Defeatist’s Lament[Thou]
To Carry A Stone [2008]
Label: Noxious Noize
1.They Stretch Out Their Hands
2.The Road Of Many Names
Malfeasance-Retribution [2008]
Label:Feat Of Tentacle|Rimbaud
1.Their Hooves Carve Craters in the Earth
2.The Bleeding Genitals of Every Rapist Hang Bleeding From These Trees 
Black September/Thou|Thrive & Decay [2008]
Label: Halo of Flies|Shaman|KNVBI|Injustice of Humanity|Buried In Hell
1.Under The Rising[Black September]
2.Smoke Pigs[Thou]
Peasant [2008]
Label: Level Plane[LP]|Autopsy Kitchen[CD]
1.The Work Ethic Myth
2.An Age Imprisoned
3.Belt of Fire to Guide Me, Cloak of Night to Hide Me
4.Burning Black Coals and Dark Memories
5.They Stretch Out Their Hands
6.The Road of Many Names
Mohoram Atta/Thou|The Degradation of Human Life [2009]
Label:Halo of Flies|Feast of Tentacles
1.[Mohoram Atta]One Thousand Hands
2.[Mohoram Atta]Dreams Of Thanatos
3.[Mohoram Atta]Shedim
4.[Mohoram Atta]Cull
5.[Mohoram Atta]Forever Sleep
6.[Thou]Don’t Hate
7.[Thou]I Am The Leviathan
8.[Thou]Shorties With MP40s, The Personal Is The Political
9.[Thou]Screaming At A Wall (Minor Threat)
Salome/Thou|Our Enemy Civilization [2009]        
Vendetta Records
1.The Song of Illuminate Darkness [Thou]
2.Reprise [Thou]
3.With Hell for a Mouth [Salome]
4.Carving the Ether [Salome]
Through The Empire Of Eternal Void [2009]
Label: Vendetta Records
1.Into the Void   
2.Sweet Leaf
3.Lord of This World
4.Black Sabbath
Haarp/Thou|Reincarnation Prayer [2009]        
Label: Mirror Universe|One Eye Records
1.Thinning [Haarp]
2.Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos [Thou]
Moloch/Thou|Tears That Soak A Callous Heart [2010]
Label: Perpetual Motion Machine|Feast of Tentacles
1.Fleurs de Mal [Thou]
2.Loneliness Dances in the Gorgon’s Stare [Thou]
3.Wroll [Moloch]
4.Invertebrate [Moloch]
5.Dry Cough [Moloch]
Baton Rouge, You Have Much To Answer For [2010]
Label: Robotic Empire
1.Out of the Mouth of a Fool
2.By Every Hand Betrayed
3.Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Summit [2010]
Label: Gilead Media
1.By Endurance We Conquer
4.Another World Is Inevitable
5.Summit Revisited
6.Voices In The Wilderness
The City Is The Tower/Thou|Dwell In The Darkness of Thought And Drink The Poison of Life [2010]
Label: Hyprerealist|Init Records
1.[Thou]The Eyes Of The World Are Upon You
2.[Thou]Paroled In ’54
3.[The City Is The Tower]Snacktualize It
4.[The City Is The Tower]The City Is The Tower Goes To South Padre Island, Spring Break 1997!
5.[The City is The Tower]Last Call On The Worst Night Ever

Black Shape Of Nexus/Crowskin – Split

Origin: Germany



Vendetta Records

Buy: Here

Myspace[Black Shape of Nexus]|[Crowskin]Myspace

A split between some of the more darkest and heavy bands coming from gemany, if you don’t know one of this bands or both, this split let you know who they are. 2 songs from each band and BSoN is who starts with a downtuned and really heavy riff that goes directly to your head without permission, all the time they keep the slowly and dark atmosphere…how it has to be. In the other side is Crowskin, a heavy and dirty sound with a girl screaming so fucking deep, sometimes they trow stoner riffs here and there, i really like how this band sounds. Highly Recommended.




3.Selbstgesprach Mit Gott

4.Am Scheideweg


Black Shape Of Nexus

The Body – All the Waters of the Earth

Origin: USA

Year: 2010

Genre: Doom|Drone|Metal|Sludge

Label: Aun War Records

Buy: Here

Web: Myspace
New record from these duo from Rhode Island, i never heard of them before but a friend of mine pass me this gem. This it’s not the typical sludge band, they have really impress me with this album. The album starts with a female sing, all the first track have it and it sounds scary at some times. What i like of this band is that the vocalist don’t use microphone, so expect some high pitched screams. The record is really heavy but sometimes sllowly with weird noises or samplers or that girl singing who scares. I can’t impress you with words, you have to get this album and discover what i try to say, i thought other releases were going to be the top of 2010 but now i think The Body has earned this award…Highly Recommended


1.A Body

2.A Curse

3.Empty Hearth

4.Even The Saints Knew Their Hour Of Failure And Loss

5.Song of Sarin, The Brave


7.Lathspell I Name You