Trap Them – Blissfucker


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Trap Them es de las pioneras en tocar hardcore/crust influenciado por death-metal sueco con toques d-beat, o algo así como blackenedarkd-beatcrusthardcore… Mis ojos lloran sangre después de leer esa etiqueta. Es importante tener en mente que Trap Them fue de las primeras en tocar este estilo de musica. Dejen de comparar al papa con los hijos.

Después del aclamado Darker Handcraft, pasaron tres largos años y una lista (muy larga) de bandas que tenían de referencia a Trap Them. Para mi algunas habían pasado a ser mis nuevos dealers de este tipo de musica, porque había rumores que Trap Them ya no existía, que odiaban a sus fieles seguidores y jamas editarían nuevas grabaciones, gracias a todos los punks que descargan musica ilegalmente. Solo eran rumores.

Blissfucker hizo que valiera la pena esperar, algunas veces toca esperar demasiado, demasiado es negativo, y lo único negativo de Trap Them sucedió en el 2008 cuando iban a tocar en Tijuana con Extreme Noise Terror y no tocaron. Esa es otra historia.  Blissfucker es el álbum que te hará golpear al vecino estúpido que viste formal diario, tiene un Mustang 2012 y pasa escuchando Metallica (no tengo nada contra ellos) a todo volumen, hace rugir el motor v8 frente a tu casa y se cree narcotraficante.

No esperaba este álbum, no tenia conocimiento y vaya sorpresa. Siento como si hubiera re-descubierto Sleepwell Deconstructor, versión remasterizada con nuevos arreglos. Asi me sentí al escucharlo por primera vez.  Será porque me transmite la misma energía. Mejor escuchen el disco completo y no crean en mi comparación.  Altamente recomendado.


Cloud Rat – Moksha

MokshaUnited States | 2013  | Halo of Lies/IFB/React With Protest/7 Degrees

1. Inkblot
2. Aroma
3. Corner Space
4. Olympia
5. Peer to Peer
6. Widowmaker
7. Infinity Chasm
8. Inimitable Sea
9. Daunting Daughters
10. Casse
11. The Needle and the Damage Done
12. Vigil
13. Moksha

Have been listening to this record a few times today and i totally get into this band, haven’t heard before them and the more i know about the band i ask myself why i never give them a listen… better late than ever. So, as some of you know they recently did a split with Republic of Dreams and they have been releasing records since 2010, to date some says this are their best recordings so far, i’m still curious to listen their past recordings, anyway, have been listening this record for almost four times.

The side A starts with a sampler and then a metal riff that turns into an insane grindcore slot intoxicated of d-beat and metal, least but not least are the vocals, she doesn’t follow any path, her vocals are clean sometimes, most time transmitting her angry feelings. That’s not all about this record, on side B they also throw to the mix some sludgy down-tempo riffages , along other sounds like hardcore or screamo; it’s interesting how each song has their own touch and makes this album different from others. ¨We aren’t afraid to experiment with new sounds and ideas, but not so much that we lose sight of what we are predominantly: punks playing really fast.”.

Cloud Rat is not the only three piece band, but these guys make a complete sound with one guitar, without bass, only drums played really heavy. The lp is already out and you can order your copy in America here:  Europe:

Facebook | Listen

Besides their new record, they will be touring Europe btw march/april, here are the dates:

04.3 UK London w/ Lich
05.3 UK Norwich w/ Lich
06.3 UK Nottingham w/ Lich
07.3 UK Glasgow w/ Lich
08.3 UK Bradford @ Equal Fest (the 1 in 12 club) w/ Lich
09.3 UK Margate w/ Lich
10.3 France Paris w/ Lich
11.3 FR Pau w/ Lich
12.3 Spain Bilboa w/ Lich
13.3 SP Barcelona w/ Lich
14.3 FR Toulon w/ Lich
15.3 Italy Milan w/ Lich
16.3 Austria Graz w/ Lich
17.3 A Vienna w/ Lich
18.3 Czech Republic Prague w/ Lich
19.3 Germany Erlangen w/ Lich
20.3 D Giessen w/ Lich
21.3 Netherlands Nijmegen w/ Resurrectionists & Lich
22.3 D Münster @ Baracke w/ Resurrectionists, Lich, Grinding Halt
23.3 D Hamburg w/ Resurrectionists
24.3 Denmark Valby @ Kraftwerket w/ Resurrectionists
25.3 Sweden w/ Resurrectionists
26.3 S Stockholm w/ Resurrectionists
27.3 Norway – Oslo w/ Resurrectionists
28.3 S Gothenburg @ Härden w/ Resurrectionists
29.3 DK Aalborg @ 1000 Fryd w/ Resurrectionists
30.3 D Lübeck @ VEB w/ Resurrectionists
31.3 D Mülheim w/ Resurrectionists
01.4 NL Groningen @ Vera Basement
02.4 D Berlin
03.4 Poland w/ Republic of Dreams
04.4 Poland / Warsaw w/ Republic of Dreams
05.4 Poland w/ Republic of Dreams
06.4 D Leipzig
07.4 D Köln

Wolfbrigade – Damned

Origin: Sweden
Year: 2012
 Genre: Crust | D-beat | Hardcore | Punk
 Tracks: 12
  Label: Southern Lord Records | La Familia Releases
Everyone who is into crust/d-beat knows their roots, Wolfbrigade (Wolfpack) is some of the pioneers and they have been doing it since 95. After albums, splits and eps released in all the past years, they release this 12 new songs through Southern Lord, an european release has been licensed by STR and La Familia Records is taking care of it, you can read more about that here.   So if you are into the so called crust and don’t know who is Wolfbrigade, shame on you. Recommended.

Little Sister – Repercussions

Origin: United States
Year: 2011
Genre: Crust|D-Beat|Dark Hardcore
Tracks: 4
Label: Unsigned
Buy: Here
Little Sistes is a band from Cleveland, OH they feature members of Cheap Tragedies and Masakari, they do some Crusty Hardcore with a few D-beat elements who reminds you to bands like Cursed, Backstabbers Inc. or even Motorhead, this is the second time i listen to the band and i seriously got into it, if you like the bands mentiones above you should download this and they buy a tape.[Band Request]

Trap Them – Darker Handcrraft

Origin: United States

Year: 2011

Genre: Crust|Chaotic Hardcore|D-Beat

Tracks: 12

Label: Prosthetic Records

Buy: Here

Web: Myspace

12 new tracks from these masters, hurry up and buy it! i’ve seen the vinyl version is already sold out…cd version just available. Other thing you should now, Trap Them will be touring Europe in April and if you are lucky enough to assist to Roadburn Fest, you will catch them there. Highly Recommended.


Gasmask Terrör – Black Sun/Fake Gold

Origin: France
Year: 2010
Genre: Crust|D-Beat|Hardcore
I Feel Good|Solar Funeral
Buy: Here & Here
Web: Website

I had some time i don’t listen to this kind of stuff,actually i heard before of this band, but, i don’t get much into them. Now, with Black Sun/Fake Gold they really catch my attention with these eleven songs of pure d-beat with that rock and roll feeling but sounding heavy with the hardcore thing. These band shares two members of Monarch[French Doomers], if you like bands like Totalitär, Discharge and Anti-Cimex you should give a listen to this record.

1.No Mistake
2.Pour L’exemple
3.The Cult
4.Vatican S.S.
5.Homesick For Hell
6.40 Years
7.This Is The Wolf Age
8.Grey Sky Forever
10.Hate Will Prevail

Download [Link By Elementary Revolt]

All Pigs Must Die – All Pigs Must Die

Origin: USA


Chaotic Hardcore|D-Beat|Metal

Shirts & Destroy



I saw this at many blogs during the past month and today i decided to download it, fuck…the first listen is like a kick in the nuts, they have people from Converge,The Hope Conspiracy and Bloodhorse, but the main fact is the music not the members, all the time they keep that metallic riffs and the d-beat going on here and there, each song sounds sick, if you have free time go to their myspace and read their about them. I just hope this band play some live shows and don’t be just a jam band. If you haven’t hear this, you should probably download it now.


1.Hungry Wolf, Easy Prey

2.Sermon For The End

3.Die Ignorant

4.Noxchi Assault

5.Death In My Wake

Link Removed By Request