Huata / Bitcho split

Released by MusicFearSatan on March 22, it comes in clear purple with red and blue streaks with an amazing cover art done by Benjamin Moreau (HUATA).

The split starts with the side of Huata, a french band that have a few years in the doom scene but lately has been more known thanks to their first full length ¨Atavist of Mann¨ released over a year ago.  They contribute two new songs in the same line of occult stoner / doom metal with higher doses of  psychedelics, the band has gain skills to write more creative songs thanks to their live rituals. I´m thinking this is the best exposure of the band so far, if you believe Atavist of Mann was all they can give, that was only the beginning.

In the other side is Bitchot from the southern lowlands, a six-piece band that released their debut album ¨Toybox¨ 4 years ago and since then Bitcho haven´t do any new recordings. If you are new to this band, i´m pretty sure you’ll become a fan of them easily, Drone/Doom Metal very repetitive and loud with psychedelic sounds, voice effects included, all together sounds superb and they can be compared with bands like Cough or Windhand.

Props to the label for put this two bands in the same record and congrats to the bands.

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Bitcho – Toybox

Origin: Holland
Genre: Drone / Doom / Psychedelic
Label: Unsigned
Found this dutch band today, they come from the southern lowlands and here its their debut album released three years ago and re-released on this year. Nothing new to discover, it´s the same drone sound heavy influenced by doom/psychedelic, creating an atmosphere of torture with this obscure sound. The record is very complete and well executed, it has voice effect, three bass guitars, yes three fucking bass guitars with tons of effects, its hypnotic, monotonous and full of feedback’s. The album is up on bandcamp to stream or buy. For fans of Ufommamut, Conan, Cough or even Om, a must have for those who are seeking for high quality music. Highly recommended.