I Not Dance – Thought Leader

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If you like post-hardcore and post-metal you’ll definitely love I NOT DANCE.

Those guys from Bregenz (Austria) have made an excellent work creating this album. 8 song long, it keeps the listener craving for more and more, balancing between some really good heavy riffs and math-noise licks. This album reminds me bands like Omega Massif, Rosetta, City of ships but heavier and with more hardcore influences.

I’ve had the luck to play with them in Freiburg (DE) and the live show was amazing. Three guys, two voices, one massive sound hitting the audience. And even if the venue acoustic was not 100% good, they managed to achieve sounds almost album-like.

They’re currently planning the european tour,  for october 2014, so go to their facebook page and help them if you can. They deserve it.

Higly recommended.