Depravation – II: MALEDICTVM

Depravation’s first full length was released the past month by Life And Death Records, Dark Omen Records and Sälly Records, a vinyl edition limited to 500 pieces, 100 white and the rest on black. This german band has gain popularity by playing lots of shows and obviously by their music, their previous ep ” I:PRAEDICTVM” gave us an idea of what sound they were building,  hardcore with black metal played at the angriest and traditional way possible.

“II:MALEDICTVM” contains 9 new tracks written in the same line as the previous ep, but this time they got wrapped black metal and hardcore as one sound, seriously, a record you should hear. The band is offering free downloads of their new record, but remember to support independent artists by buying their merch and records.

BuyDownload | Bandcamp

2 thoughts on “Depravation – II: MALEDICTVM

  1. hey man this Sly from Brain On Fire, dunno if you remember me but i just find your new blog, awesome work! i add you in my fav list, keep the good work!
    Sly BOF

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