Tumbleweed Dealer – S/T

Bandcamp | Facebook | Pre-order

Tumbleweed Dealer is an interesting project from Montreal, Canada, created by only two musicians, Seb Painchaud (Guitars & Bass) and Felix Roberge (Drums), besides this two musicians there are more people involved on this first full length, such as music director, engineering and visuals.

These guys play some sort of psych rock/stoner/blues and drone, building a wall of sound on each song, it takes the listener with them on each droning riff with played and they keep coming riff after riff, at times reminds me to bands like Earth or Horseback, seriously an hypnotic record that needs to be more known. If you have headphones, i recommend you to use them whit this record.

Tumbleweed Dealer’s new and first full length is going to be released next month -September 18- via Mind Control Records (Germany) and  it can be pre-ordered now, as well the entire album is up on bandcamp for stream or can be purchased by 4.20 canadian dollars. Highly recommended.


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