Painted Wolves – Unholy

Sweden | 2012 | Epidemic Records

1. Poisoned Words
2. Self-Appointed Prophets
3. In The Circle of Lies
4. In Urine

Painted Wolves released Unholy last year and thanks to a band request i found their music, the band features members from Death Is Not Glamorous, Anchor, Dead Vows, The Smackdown, 8 Days pf Nothing… you probably know about their side projects, the fact is that Painted Wolves is still unknown and obviously this need to be heard by more people. ¨Two words, four punks and too many amps to handle. Göteborg, jeansvests, powerstances and headbangs.Loud drums, distorted guitar, gnarly screams and a wall of bassguitar.  Why make things complicated, right?. It’s not an unfmailiar formula, but does every band have the genuinity?. Are we pretentious assholes? Possibly!¨ that short bio introduce me to this band and fuck it, it’s all you need to read about these guys. I’ll describe this as the child of Failures and Brainworms, highly recommended.

By the way, keep your eyes peeled cause they will be touring europe this summer with Comadre and Dangers. Get their music for free through bandcamp.

Bandcamp | Facebook

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