Alta – Places

United States | 2013 |  TGIC/Carucage/Edils Recordings

1. Winter/Mute
2. Ocean Liners
3. Dakota
4. Ray
5. Merry New Year
6. + –
7. Sorting Rooms

Never heard about these guys before but once start listening ¨Places¨ i become a fan quickly, you just need 30 seconds to get into this band. They are a four piece band from Milwaukee, WI, their music is a mixture of post-hardcore and screamo influenced by math-rock and post-rock, something betwee Native, Caravels, Kidcrash and Animal Faces.

¨ A Beautiful production captures ALTA’s controlled chaos perfectly. Guitar tapping, massive riffs, ruthless times sigs, gang vocals, screamy vocals, soundscapes, vocals dripping with honestly and passion. You can visualise the band sweating in a small room giving it their all as you listen to this record. Its better to just listen to the record. YOU WILL LOVE IT. ALTA are not messing around. A total DIY punk rock ethic, This is post hardcore,post punk, post whatever – perfection! Honest music played how it should be. No posers here.¨

 This record was released in 2012, but on vinyl this year through The Ghost Is Clear, Carucage Records and Edils Recordings, order your copy now before they are gone, also you can get the digital edition as pay what you want via Bandcamp.Highly recommended.

Facebook | Bandcamp

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