Blessings – Bittervatten

Sweden | 2012 |  Serene Records/Dålig Stämning

1. Bittervatten
2. Worms Of The Earth
3. Strings Of Red
4. The Shrine
5. Wormwood Litany
6. Seven Blessings
7. Licking The Hand That Bleeds

Blessings is a swedish power trio based in Gothenburg, formed in 2011 and featuring members of Anchor, Painted Wolves, Scraps Of Tape, Tsukimono and Fä among others. This is their first ep recorded and sounds insane, the tag hardcore/punk for this band  gives the idea of a music pattern, something you clearly note they don’t have. so lets say they play some kind of hardcore influenced by crust/doom/drone/shoegaze, the recordings are full of noise and feedbacks giving a darker sound.

Bittervaten was released on tape through their own label Dålig Stämning and Serene records, such tape is sold out but you can get this for the price you want on their bandcamp. A new 7″ of shorter material is in the works, as well as a longer 30+ min track which will be a separate release sometime in the fall of 2013

Bandcamp | Soundcloud

2 thoughts on “Blessings – Bittervatten

    • I agree with you, this band deserves more listeners, those guys who love blackened hardcore with the same pattern of other bands who sounds like other bands should listen Blessings, soon something great will come from this guys, by the way nice review.

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