Ornaments- Pneumologic

Italy | 2013 | Tannen Records/Escape from Today/Blinde Proteus/Sangue Dischi

1. Pulse
2. Breath
3. Aer
4. Galeno
5. Pneuma
6. Spirit
7. L’ora del corpo spaccato

Pneumologic is the first album done by Ornaments, official released on February 5 Cd/Vinyl, meanwhile you can listen the whole thing at bandcamp. The new album contains 7 songs, to date i think this are their best recordings, i know each record used to sound different and with a variant of genres thrown in the mix, on this record they use the same skills to create ¨doomed post-rock¨…  doesn’t exist such genre but so far is the best way to describe their sound. Highly recommended.

 Bancamp | Facebook

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