Fontanelle – Vitamin F

Fontanelle - Vitamin FUnited States | 2012 | Southern Lord

1. Watermelon Hands
2. The Adjacent Possible
3. Vitamin F
4. Traumaturge
5. When the Fire Hits the Forest
6. Ataxia
7. Reassimilated

Fontanelle comes from Portland, Oregon and for what i’ve read they have years playing, the band was made by ex-members from Jessamine. Ten years later they come with a new album that’s titled ¨Vitamin F¨ released through Southern Lord, its strange to see a jazz band on this label but if they do it more often it would be awesome. The record starts with ¨Watermelon Hands¨, a deeply jazz sound that takes you from whatever you are doing and transport you to another space, once you listen the complete album you know this have some references to vintage sound, space and films. Get into this now, highly recommended.

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