Sea Bastard – Sea Bastard


Origin: United Kingdom

Genre: Doom metal / Sludge

Label: Unsigned

From the cradle of doom comes Sea Bastard, this band was formed last year from the ashes of Jovian and Funeral Hag. They say their music is the mixture of both bands, but if you don’t know their past bands it doesn’t matter cause you don’t need to hear the full album to enjoy their groovy/bluesy sludgy doom metal, from the beginning you feel that heavyweight riff hitting your brain with their fuzzy vibes and the harsh vocals fits perfect, plus the drums is played precise and meaner, giving a more obscure sound, all in conjunct sounds great.

This is their first album recorded and features five songs passing the 10 minutes each, it never turns boring, if you really enjoy doom metal you’ll love this record. The self-titled album its up on bandcamp as free download, a physical release will be available soon, so it rest to say go to their bandcamp page and get this now while you can. Highly recommended.

Buy merch | Bandcamp | Facebook

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