Bell Witch – Longing

Origin: United States
Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Profound Lore Records
Bell Witch has released their first full length through Profound Lore Records this november, is now able in the states but worldwide is getting released on 11/13, vinyl version is getting released by Flenser Records.
This band easily become famous with their demo, and why easily, think it was probably top demo of the year, after hearing their four-track ep you started to think who are these guys, and why they created something like this, not questioning the band existence, just releasing how great bell witch sounds, an obscure sound you have tolisten, doom metal with funeral doom influences, done by bassist/vocalist Dylan Desmond (Samothrace & Lethe) and drummer/vocalist Adrian Guerra (Lethe). 
¨Longing¨ contains six tracks of the same distorted bass that spreads down-tuned riffages of sadness and depression, filled with heavy minimalistic drums, an excellent album that can´t be missed in this doomed existence. Highly recommended.  

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