Sport – Colors

Genre:Emo / Indie / Punk 
Tracks: 13
Label: Pike Records
So, the blog has been forgotten for a few days, music as heroin is giving me some stress when i check the email, a huge list of band requests is waiting for me, not sure when all of them will be posted, so don´t mind if i take some more days/weeks to post your stuff, anyway, the past year i recommended the demo by Sport, an emo/punk rock band from Lyon, France, you should give a listen if that’s your kind of music. In the last days of july the band released their first full length containing thirteen songs, using olympics dates to name your songs is the weirdest thing i´ve ever seen.
If you read constantly this blog, you know i don´t do reviews, just recommendations, so i don´t give a fuck if you think this entry is lazy as fuck… highly recommended.      

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