Trachimbrod – A Collection Of Hidden Sketches

Origin: Sweden
Year: 2012
Genre: Post-rock / Screamo
Tracks: 9
Label: Truelove / Tokyo Jupiter

Following the 2012 comeback of Suis La Lune and Sore Eyelids debut, here’s another record that continues Sweden screamo year of grace.

“A Collection Of Hidden Sketches” is the first album of Stockholm’s Trachimbrod, while in fact being the third, since the same guys previously released two other works (the 2009 ep “Eclarion” and the full length “Eating People Is Easy”) under the different monicker Come Across Trachimbrod.

While these first efforts were highly promising but somehow lacking in terms of musicianship and production, “A Collection Of Hidden Sketches” finally delivers nine tracks of perfectly crafted swedish screamo, mixed with just the right amount of post-rock and shoegaze influences (reverb and delay-driven guitars, some occasional noodling here and there and so on).

All in all a little gem, laid back when it has to be and in your face when it has to be; fresh and original while at the same time owing something (more like an unavoidable tribute than a copycat) to Suis La Lune. Highly Recommended!

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