Planks & Lentic Waters split

Origin: Germany
Year: 2012
Genre: Dark Hardcore / Punk
Tracks: 6
Label:Apocaplexy Records | IFB Records | React With Protest
This split is for those who can´t feed their addiction with the dark/metallic hardcore punk sound, if you land into this genre you should already known both german bands. Planks has been playing since 2007, they have released interesting records btw splits and albums, they have their own sound. In the other side is Lentic Waters, this band has less time playing but they sound pretty similar to Planks, not a rip off, they do their things in the same line as the mentioned band… German hardcore is characterized by this kind of sound: dark/metallic and intense as fuck. Highly recommended. 
By the way, keep your eyes peeled cause Planks is releasing their third album around October.  
 Lentic Waters

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