Elder – Dead Roots Stirring

Origin: United States
Year: 2011
Genre: Psychedelic|Stoner Doom|Stoner Metal
Tracks: 5
Label: MeteorCity Records
Buy: Here
Web: Myspace
Another great record released this year, i have much more newer stuff to post but sometimes it’s hard to keep posting when your work gets almost all your day time, anyway, for those who doesn’t know Elder yet, this is not the philly band. Elder is a three piece band from Boston, MA, they play a great style of Stoner Doom/Metal with the same feeling of the psychedelic bands from the 70’s… no doubt this is going to my top albums. This is much more from what i expected from these guys, after three years of silence they come back with a mature sound,10/10 for sure, Highly Recommended.

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