+HIRS+ – Dimebag

Origin: United States
Year: 2011
Genre: Grindcore|Hardcore|Trash
Label: ?
Buy: Here
I discovered this band a few weeks ago through bandcamp, the first thin i listened it was “Gaytheisim” and it blows my mind, then i jump to their facebook and saw they have a shit-load of upcoming releases [including a split with Towers, Pyramids, Shit Weather, just to name a few) … but, the good thing is that these guys have uploaded all their recorded songs at bandcamp and you can download everything for free. “Dimebag” is full of samplers, blast beats and all the fucking heavy things you can imagine, just to give you an idea, the record lenght is exactly 5.40 minutes, they have songs of 5 seconds. ha, i can’t describe very well, but definitely you’ve to listen this shit!. Also, “Dimebag” is getting released as 5″ around November Highly Recommended.

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