Slabdragger – Regress

Origin: United Kingdom
Year: 2011
Genre: Doom|Sludge|Stoner Metal
Tracks: 6
Label: Holy Roar Records
Buy: Here
This is  the debut album from Slabdragger, they released the album via Holy Roar Records, it’s weird to see a sludge band signed on HR, but i’m glad they released their debut album on 2  Lp’s, however, if you want to hear something new coming from a band of creative stoners, get into them. “Regress” is definitely a record you will enjoy, doesn’t sounds like the copy of the copy, it took them 2 years make this album, so imagine all the hard work and of course, all theweed they consume on that time? haa. Fans of Yob, Sleep, Cavity or Bongzilla should be clicking the download button. Highly Recommended. A random question, who is more stoner, Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg or Cypress Hill? lol.

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