Fago.Sepia – L’ame Sure Ruse Mal

Origin: France

Year: 2006
Genre: Math-Rock|Post-Rock
Tracks: 6
Label: Aposiopese Rec
Buy: No Buy Option
After a few days without posting, i come back with a request, this was not a band request, someone messaged me and invited me to take a listen, however, i’ve been listening these french dudes for a few days and i don’t know why i never heard before about this band. Fago.Sepia is for those trve math-rockers who aren’t looking for new bands who sounds like this town needs guns and all that bail [actually, i love that kind of bands], but Fago.Sepia have like a more mature sound, who cares anyway? Just give them a listen, really worth it. FFO Toe, Te’, Pele, etc.[Requested]

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