◯ – The Sea Of Trees

Origin: Belgium|Germany|Netherlands
Year: 2011
Genre: Post-Rock
Tracks: 3
Label: Ghost Bag Records
Buy: Here
“◯ isn´t just the letter. is the circle symbol that symbolized this sextet band from the border region of belgium / netherlands and germany. in summer 2010 ex-members from Allegorie, Dancing On Debris, Jack The Rocker and Kings Of The Day got together with the aim to create a spherical music landscapes targeting its audience to climb upon on journey somewhere between ambient and postrock. sometimes you can guess the musical roots found in punk/hardcore sound.”  With all their info above, we have clear who’s O and what they are doing, they send me the request like a week ago but thanks to my job and my lazy ass, i couldn’t post this before…i’ve been listening the record, and i’m not going to say they sound sick or something, their sound has been experimented by other bands for much time, but the true is these guys knows how to create a real atmospheres on each track, i feel like a baby who doesn’t know the world yet and he wants to be out there but it’s undefined how much time you’ll be inside…i’m just tripping out. For fans of Braveyoung, This Will Destroy You, Giants, etc. Highly Recommended.[Band Request]
Download[Original Link]

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