End Reign – 7"

Origin: Durham, England
Year: 2011
Genre: Dark Hardcore
Tracks:  4
Label: Hemlock 13|First In the Air|Holy Roar|Witch Hunter
Buy: Here

Like a frozen howl in the northern wilderness, Durham’s End Reign are truly a force of nature. Eschewing the self aggrandizing hype and backslapping so prevalent in modern hardcore, End Reign do things the old fashioned way. Mixing genuine anger with a hard work ethic and dark, honest hardcore songs for a potent brew indeed. This new four song 7” follows their recent split with Kent allies Alaska on FITA Records, and see’s them more bloody eyed and frenzied than before. An onlsaught of piledriving Entombed influenced riffing and raw seething vocals, gnawing at the leash to tear out your throat. Often compared to early Rise & fall or Cursed. A joint release from Hemlock 13, Fist In The Air, Holy Roar and Witch Hunter Records. 500 copies on 300 black/green and 200 black/blue, with art and layout by Give Up.[Requested by Witch Hunter Records]Recommended.

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