Valerian Swing – A Sailor Lost Around The Earth

Origin: Italy
Year: 2011
Genre: Math-Rock|Noise|Post-Rock|Post-Hardcore
Tracks: 10
Label: Magic Bullet Records
Buy: Here
Valerian Swing hails from Correggio, Italy, they have been around since 2005…it’s a 3 piece band and they incorporate a variety of sounds, i haven’t describe their music yet. These lovely guys don’t follow a sound or a line or whatever you want to say, the other day i downloaded their old stuff and they used to sound more chaotic. In “A Sailor Lost Around The Earth” thay take their all the music they have been listening for years to create a master piece, they go from the deepest and saddest post-rock to the wildest math-rock you can imagine. I can’t describe very well this band, but i really recommend you this band…it was time to find something unique and fresh nowadays. You can stream the complete album at their bandcamp, support the band!. Also, this guys will tour europe in June, be smart and assit to their gigs, you can see more at our upcoming tours section. Highly Recommended.

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