Crash of Rhinos – Distal

Origin: United Kingdom
Year: 2011
Genre: Emo|Indie|Post-Hardcore
Tracks: 7
Label: Triste Records
Buy: Here
Web: Facebook
I’ve been listening this record everyday since i downloaded this like 1 week ago, damn, i’m pretty psyched with this band. Once again Triste Records is releasing a beauty, this is gettin pressed in 2xLP… sick!. Crash of Rinos are from Derby, UK, their music put you back to the 90s with their old fresh sound. I might not know what exactly happens at 90s and shit, because i was a baby back in those days, but i can say, this is so far the best emo shit i’ve been listening this year, if you like bands like American Football, Braid or newer bands like By Surprise or Snowing, you should really give a listen to this, they don’t sound like the mentioned bands, i’m just giving an idea of how they sound, these dewds are building their own sound. Highly Recommended.

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