Cthulhu Youth

Origin: United Kingdom

Genre: Chaotic Hardcore|Noise|Powerviolence

Label: Holy Roar Records|Subsubtropics Records

Buy: Here & Here

Web: Blog|Facebook

Cthulhu Youth hails from London, i thought i had posted their demo but i check the past files and nothing. These guys have been doing some insteresting stuff, they aren’t stocked in a genre, you can easily hear more things in their songs, such as black metal, grindcore, powerviolence and obviously hardcore, but not that tough shit. Their demo blowed my mind in the end of the past year, a few months ago they released their first full lenght and it sounds a bit different from what the demo deserves, but still in the same sick quality. For fans of Trap Them, Dropdead, Pariso. Highly Recommended[Band Request] 

Year: 2010
Tracks: 7

Inflatable World For Weak Lungs/Water Retention Problems 
Year: 2011
Tracks: 11

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