Quiet Steps – Think Aloud

Origin: Australia
Year: 2011
Genre: Emo|Screamo
Tracks: 13
Label: Listen To Aylin Records
Buy: Here
Web: Myspace

This was posted at 2010 as digital, now in 2011 has been released on vinyl.The Brisbane Trio has just released “Think Aloud” on vinyl via Listen To Aylin Records, now it’s the time to support the label as much you wanted the download link. I’ve been following Quiet Steps since their debut ep in 07′, now with “Think Aloud” i think they have been growing up as a band and changing their sound in the best way possible…”Think Aloud” could be easily compared with bands lke Daniel Striped Tiger or Sinaloa, these guys plays with the same intensity filled with emotional voices/screams, just hear the voice of this and you will see. I was going to make a review of this, but i think i’m not that good writer to make such thing, at least on english not, if i did it in spanish i think most of you will not understand. However, it’s time to support the label now…they have invert 2500USD on 300 copies, now you get an idea of how hard is be the label man? Support them buying this gem, the artwork it’s maded by Errol Hoffman[To The North],it looks gorgeous. Highly Recommended.[Label Request]

Download[320 kbps]

One thought on “Quiet Steps – Think Aloud

  1. This record is amazing, however, do you know whether they have this pressed on CD, or other merch or not, beceause I'm going to buy my first vynl player in the years to come. Anyways, escribe el review en espanol!

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