Cinder & Smoke – Nice Effort, Guys

Origin: United States

Year: 2011

Genre: Hardcore|Metal|Punk|Sludge

Label: Self Released

Buy: Here

Web: Bandcamp|Facebook
 Tracks: 7

Yesterday i got a message from this band and what i first heard was a downtuned riff who sounded like sludge but then i was surprised how the song[s] turns into a fresh sound. These guys are from Hickory,NC and they recently finished their recordings of this awesome ep. How they sound? Man, they take influences from some of my favorite bands like Converge, Torch Runner, Low Sky, Giant[Braveyoung], Blacklistes…I can easily say this is a mix of all that bands, but i want to make it clear, imagine the early days of Converge, they were like a lil bit more metalcore, but these dudes don’t fall much into metalcore, they always sound aggressive/heavy and loud, each riff sounds like a wall of sound who crash your head. If you like bands like Converge, Black Mass, Torch Runner you have to check this now man, seriously. Highly Recommended.


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