The Sea, Like Lead – Self Titled

Origin: United States

Year: 2005

Genre: Post-Rock

Label: Electric Human Project

Buy: No Buy Option


Long live to the short lived bands!, this time i’m talking about The Sea, Like Lead…a band who just release a debut album in 2005 and a split with Balegost. This band is underrated and i think more people should listen this record. The music is simple, with a few samplers and sings here and there, i really like this record and it’s perfect for those days you wake up and read messages from your girl saying why yesterday you don’t answer the phone or why you weren’t online…relax and smoke a cigarette while you listen this. Fans of Sparrows Swarm and Sing, Once We Were and Mogwai take note. Enjoy!


1.A New Mythology

2.Interlude I

3.Last Vestiges Of Rust

4.Interlude II

5.The Search, Movements I, II And III.


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