Baton Rouge – Des Fragments D’Eux-Mêmes

Origin: France

Year: 2011

Genre: Emo

Label: Bakery Outlet|Purepainsugar

Buy: Here

Web: Blog
I’ve been waiting to get this record and that time i waited was worth it, this record is gold to my ears man. If you don’t know who Baton Rouge is, well, this band it’s made it by people from 12xU and Daitro, and how they sound? i think they don’t need much description after seeing what kind of people is doing this. More french emo to the masses! Enjoy.


1.Tous Seuls

2.Sur Un Banc


4.Que Les Fils

5.Ca Colle A La Peau

6.Des Chemins Balisés


8.Collecter Les Sons


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