Origin: Louisiana, USA
Year: 2005-To Date
Genre: Doom Metal|Drone|Sludge
Matthew Thudium – Guitar (Barghest)
Andy Gibbs – Guitar (We Need to Talk)
Mitch Wells – Bass
Josh Nee – Drums
Bryan Funck – Vocals (Dear Diary I Seem to Be Dead)
Thou starts around 2005 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and during 2005-2007 Bryan and Josh joined them, in 2007 they drop out a 3 songs demos, since that, they have been putting out a lot of splits/ep’s and a few albums through Robotic Empire, Feast Of Tentacles,One Eye Records, Level Plane, Gilead Media,Vendetta, Perpetual Motion Machine, Southern Lords and the list goes on, no doubt they are the most active bands of Doom/Sludge nowadays. Speaking about the sound…what do you expect when i say brutal? well, put that word in your mind each time you hear this band, they have elements from drone, doom, sludge, atmospheric/black metal and the final result sounds sick, sometimes you’ll feel your hard.I really think this band gets better and better on each ep,split, whatever they put out, “Summit” for me, is their best work and probably some of the best albums from 2010, it’s like all their works has been summed up and they drop those 6 bullets directly to your head.
I’ve see them just once and it was one of the best shows i went for long time, they have the same sound live, i don’t know how many songs they played but what i remember so well it was the vocalist, while he’s singing he see you pretty pissed off, i was kinda scared to be true, but, maybe because i was pretty high, anyway, if you have the chance to see them live, don’t miss their big show. For those who know them just because a split or even if you aren’t familiar with the genre, you will not be disappointed by these guys. You can get their stuff via Robotic Empire|Gilead Media|Halo of Flies|Feast of Tentacle|Vendetta 
 Demo [2007]    
Label: Self Released
 1.Fucking Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean
2.With a Cold, Life Extinguishing Elegance
3.I Was Ignored. And Judged. And Cast Down
Tyrant [2007]
Label: One Eye Records
2.With a Cold, Life Extinguishing Elegance
3.Fucking Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean
4.I Was Ignored. And Judged. And Cast Down
6.What Blood Still Flows From These Veins (Tour CDr bonus)
7.Acceptance (Tour CDr bonus)
Thou/Leech [2008]   
Label: Woodsmoke[Tape]|Gilead Media & Vendetta[LP]
2.Here I Stand Head in Hand[Thou]
3.Rats and Mice and Swarms of Lice[Thou]
4.The Defeatist’s Lament[Thou]
To Carry A Stone [2008]
Label: Noxious Noize
1.They Stretch Out Their Hands
2.The Road Of Many Names
Malfeasance-Retribution [2008]
Label:Feat Of Tentacle|Rimbaud
1.Their Hooves Carve Craters in the Earth
2.The Bleeding Genitals of Every Rapist Hang Bleeding From These Trees 
Black September/Thou|Thrive & Decay [2008]
Label: Halo of Flies|Shaman|KNVBI|Injustice of Humanity|Buried In Hell
1.Under The Rising[Black September]
2.Smoke Pigs[Thou]
Peasant [2008]
Label: Level Plane[LP]|Autopsy Kitchen[CD]
1.The Work Ethic Myth
2.An Age Imprisoned
3.Belt of Fire to Guide Me, Cloak of Night to Hide Me
4.Burning Black Coals and Dark Memories
5.They Stretch Out Their Hands
6.The Road of Many Names
Mohoram Atta/Thou|The Degradation of Human Life [2009]
Label:Halo of Flies|Feast of Tentacles
1.[Mohoram Atta]One Thousand Hands
2.[Mohoram Atta]Dreams Of Thanatos
3.[Mohoram Atta]Shedim
4.[Mohoram Atta]Cull
5.[Mohoram Atta]Forever Sleep
6.[Thou]Don’t Hate
7.[Thou]I Am The Leviathan
8.[Thou]Shorties With MP40s, The Personal Is The Political
9.[Thou]Screaming At A Wall (Minor Threat)
Salome/Thou|Our Enemy Civilization [2009]        
Vendetta Records
1.The Song of Illuminate Darkness [Thou]
2.Reprise [Thou]
3.With Hell for a Mouth [Salome]
4.Carving the Ether [Salome]
Through The Empire Of Eternal Void [2009]
Label: Vendetta Records
1.Into the Void   
2.Sweet Leaf
3.Lord of This World
4.Black Sabbath
Haarp/Thou|Reincarnation Prayer [2009]        
Label: Mirror Universe|One Eye Records
1.Thinning [Haarp]
2.Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos [Thou]
Moloch/Thou|Tears That Soak A Callous Heart [2010]
Label: Perpetual Motion Machine|Feast of Tentacles
1.Fleurs de Mal [Thou]
2.Loneliness Dances in the Gorgon’s Stare [Thou]
3.Wroll [Moloch]
4.Invertebrate [Moloch]
5.Dry Cough [Moloch]
Baton Rouge, You Have Much To Answer For [2010]
Label: Robotic Empire
1.Out of the Mouth of a Fool
2.By Every Hand Betrayed
3.Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Summit [2010]
Label: Gilead Media
1.By Endurance We Conquer
4.Another World Is Inevitable
5.Summit Revisited
6.Voices In The Wilderness
The City Is The Tower/Thou|Dwell In The Darkness of Thought And Drink The Poison of Life [2010]
Label: Hyprerealist|Init Records
1.[Thou]The Eyes Of The World Are Upon You
2.[Thou]Paroled In ’54
3.[The City Is The Tower]Snacktualize It
4.[The City Is The Tower]The City Is The Tower Goes To South Padre Island, Spring Break 1997!
5.[The City is The Tower]Last Call On The Worst Night Ever

3 thoughts on “Thou

  1. Krustie, thou es sin duda alguna una de las mejores bandas en estos moments, creo, aunque si esta medio hype la discografia haha, aparte las letras son buenas

  2. y el arte de los discos es genial tengo 2 LP y en ambos vienen grabados (posters) en un 7" con Black September viene otro más peuqeño y en el digipack "Piasant" viene con 1 parche y 2 grabados…todo el merch jajaj para fans

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