To The North

 Origin: Brisbane|Queensland, Australia
Genre: Emo|Math-Rock|Jazz

Label: In Finland|Yellow Ghost Records|Hey Presto!

Web: Myspace
To The North starts at 06′ i believe, featuring a member from Quiet Steps and few other good bands. They have done a great apport to music with this fresh sound, incorporating elements of Jazz, Math-Rock and Emo with a raspy voice, i’ve heard some people dislike the voice but to be honest i think it’s perfect, it’s like pretty emotional all the times, i love how he sing and how he make his voice an own rythm. TTN always be one of my favorite bands, so if you are looking for something clean and well played, this might be of your interest. Their future plans consist in a split with Hira Hira and a new song is posted at their Myspace, let’s keep our eyes with this lovely australians. Enjoy!
Year: 2007
Label: Yellow Ghost Records
Buy: Here

2.Manitees and Make Believe

3.Nights Like These

4.Behind The Paranoia

5.Drift Away

To Work And Not Feed
Year: 2009
Label: In Finland 
Buy: Here
1.We Are Not Ashamed


3.If Knowledge Was a Rite of Passage You Would Be a Fucking Genius

4.Pistol Kids
Split with Ohana
Year: 2008
Label: Hey Presto!
Buy: Here
Harms Away
To The North Live @ Diy Fest Ahimsa Hall 2008
To The North live at Spectrum July 2009
To The North live at Dirty Shirlows July 2009
To The North @ House Session [Video] 

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