Plebeian Grandstand – How Hate Is Hard To Define

Year: 2010
Genre: Math-Core | Chaotic Hardcore
Label: Lacrymal Records
Web: Blog | Myspace
Buy: Here
These french boys are making the most chaotic/intense songs in their country, the intro of this album sounds pretty sludgy and the rest is just intensity with those metallic riffs pretty hardcore but always sounding agressive. The album is almost 36 minutes and never gets boring, the last 2 tracks are my fav because it’s just perfect how they combine the sludge with the math-core. Amazing album.
1.Kata Ton Aimona Eaytoy
2.Ordo Ab Chao
3.Nice Days Are Weak
4.Mein Kopf Ist Meine Heimat
5.Easy To Hate / Hard To Define
6.Pie In The Sky
7.Don’t Expect Much From The World’s End
8.Are You Angry…
9.Or Boring…

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